A Debate between Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi and Famous Fashion Designer Barami Hakakian about the Torah being Divine
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Good evening gentleman, we are here today, Be’ezrat Hashem to do a friendly debate between two Jewish people… one a Cohen, and one is not…and the people who organized this…the idea is that Mr. Hakakian will ask me all of the questions that he wants to ask, and my goal will be, to answer the question. Also the idea was that I can prove to him that the Torah, it can be proven scientifically, which means it can be proven that a human being was unable to write the Torah, everybody understands that if a person is able to prove that the Torah was written by the Creator of the world it’s a lot easier to follow what’s in it. But, as long as a person cannot prove it, it’s a matter of faith
Faith! Faith! You want to believe you believe. You don’t want to believe it’s up to you. It’s up to you if you want to take the risk based on X amount of knowledge
It’s not a perfect knowledge. Today, we will try B”H to leave this room, that both of us and all of you will have no doubt that the Torah is Divine
I am gonna do my best to answer all his questions and please no interference from the audience… respect the event. We’ll try to do it as friendly as possible
Ok. So I get my information straight…according to the Torah the world was built in six days or five days and sixth day was Adam and Eve…they were the first creatures and then after them G-d created the rest. Am I correct?
Yes! When was this created? 5775 ago – OK! So according to the Torah the Earth was created 5700 and change years ago
OK! So how are we going to reconcile this with what science has proven otherwise?
OK! So the answer to your question is the. Science until this moment has never been proven, proven not speculate that the world is more than 2000 years old as a result of that I made a very serious research to see if any scientist came out with a solid proof that no one can contradict
[00:02:51.01] and I posted on my website Divineinformation.com
[00:02:53.29] I posted the film by a scientist, non-Jewish scientist, American from Texas by the name Robert Gentry. He made two films.
It’s called Fingerprint of the Creation and he takes all the scientific research that was done to the age of the world, and criticized one by one and show you where the speculation is how it’s incorrect, it’s not accurate, and the conclusion of his research and you can see it on a one hour video which leaves not even 1% doubt that the world is only a few thousand years old
Now, to make a long story short, because this question can be five hours answer, so I will do it in a very short way.
First, you have to know one thing, the scientist has been proven that the world has all the lakes and the rivers who connect to the big ocean and they carry with them every year sand debris and mineral, it’s all connected to the big ocean.
The calculation is, that the rivers and the lakes carry with them four hundred million tons of salt every year connecting to the big ocean.
If based on their calculation, four hundred million tons of salt, if you claim the world is only one million years old not three hundred billion or all kind of other ages the Scientists try to give…
IF THE WORLD IS ONLY ONE MILLION YEARS OLD – multiply by four hundred million tons of salt the oceans will not have one drop of water. It will be a huge pile of salt, all the way from the bottom of the ocean all the way to the moon. There will not be one drop of water in the world.
Why? You do the math. One million multiplied by four hundred million tons of salt. A ton is twenty two hundred pounds, in case you didn’t know, so, therefore it will be a huge amount of salt. However, there is another way to prove it. If you and…(I don’t understand) I said no interference from the audience…Not from any side
I am not understanding it either. I mean… wait I didn’t finish yet. Now there are also another way to prove it. If now I will ask the
Excuse me Rabbi…I don’t want to cut you off… you are continuing as though the rest of the rest of the statements that you made are necessarily correct
OK! Can you prove to me please, you have with you a scientific proof that calculates the age of the world that is agreed by all scientists? Show me one research like this in the history.
That’s a good question. I will tell you. Neither one of us are scientists. Neither one of us individually, are qualified to speak as scientists. However, we are all qualified to read based on scientific research. For every one scientist, that may or may not be there, that claims Earth is 2000, 5000 whatever years old…there are probably 99 more who claim otherwise.
Law of nature, basic logic of human being would say that if you went to a hundred qualified people, and it doesn’t matter what the topic would be, whether medicine, science, literature, if 99 of them claim one thing and 1 claims different logic dictates that you go towards 99. Science through it’s, first of all science that got us to where we are today, where we can have this debate, where we can have it recorded, we can have cell phones. We can have cars. We can live the way we do, it’s all product of science.
So, just saying that science didn’t prove it and just making that claim and putting it out there , simply because I don’t know one person, for whatever reason they have or didn’t have. And I am not qualified to qualify them or disqualify them. I don’t think either one of us are. Our trades are different. But logic says if 99 scientists, starting from the most probably renowned people in the world, have believed otherwise. So I don’t think the writing of one person is not gonna change all of those, at least not logically.
OK! You presented it in a very beautiful way that 99% of the scientists agree on one age and there is 1% , which is my side, disagree…or two or five.
Now! I promise you, that obviously, after twenty years, that I speak and this question I was asked, this question at least 10,000 times and I did very, very serious research.
Because, I will tell you what! Because there are certain opinions among Judaism, speculations as well that the calculation started from the time of Adam. Not actually the Six days of the Creation. Therefore, the first six days were unlimited amount of time which can be billions of years old
However with me, I don’t go with what’s convenient for my opinion. I go what the truth is and that is why I made a very serious research and I found completely different than what you say.
I found hundreds of different research by major universities all over the world include Israel, America, and Europe that came with completely different calculations. It ranged anywhere from four million years to 300 billion years old the
Now, I want to ask you as a clever gentleman which I heard you are. So I want to ask you one simple question. If all of us, this audience here we have to guess how old a person is. We take Mr. X and I ask the audience, please, based on your calculation tell me how old he is, and every one of the hundred people here wrote a different age, and I see it range anywhere from 20 to 100,
is this considered objective science? It’s not an objective science. That’s all speculative science. Now I promise you if you make your homework well and you watch this film.
I promise you with no doubt that you will never dare to ask this question ever again in your entire life. I promise you. I give you a word of a gentleman. After you watch the film of Robert Gentry
He calculated extrapolation carbon dating, carbon 14, all the speculation and calculation and he shows you coals, how they calculated based on coals.
Every one of the methods that they check and learn, and the most major universities, and they publish thousands of books about it, how it’s all one hundred percent nonsense, and it’s all based on speculation.
Now, again, even if the world was billions and billions of years old, remember, I have a way out of it. Why? Because the Torah really started the calculation from the birthday of Adam. The calculation that we know the age of the world, from Adam’s birthday, which was on the sixth day of the creation from then we do all the calculation 5775.
But again, I could have go around your question, but I am not going around your question, I am still insisting that the world is only few thousand years old.
I appreciate you don’t go around it, however, however, if you even claim that there was no being on earth, prior to five or six thousand years ago, again science, and archeologists, are proven otherwise. They are finding dinosaurs from billions of years ago.
Dinosaurs are only 4,200 years old-they all died in the Flood of Noach. All the bones of the dinosaurs that were found are only maximum, maximum, 5775 years old. Also, they all died because they did not enter the Ark, and the Ark was found around Turkey, on the highest mountain, Ararat.
Nobody builds an ark the size of a football field, in the highest mountain in Turkey. When they build big boats, they build it on the beach, once it’s done, they push it into the water.
There is no way, thousands of years ago, even today, with the technology that we have, to carry a boat the size of this building here in Manhattan, and carry it all the way from the mountain and bring it all the way to the ocean.
Even the dumbest person in history will not build an Ark as was found, and I can even show you a picture of it, exactly the measurements of the Torah, next to Turkey, on the highest mountain, Ararat, they measured it, and that’s based on the research, Noah’s Ark.
The dinosaurs did not enter the Ark. They all died 4,200 years ago.
Rabbi Mizrachi, with all due respect, I mean, you are making statements, that probably you, and people that believe in it, and we respect your beliefs…but scientists, and science…when you tell me, I’m gonna prove to you scientifically, and you deny, and you reject the most basic fundamentals of science, that says, all of these have been….
I’m not a scientist, and I don’t know how to go about finding these ages, but they have enough scientific tools, means, ways, to find out all of these things…this is…
When I say I am going to prove to you scientifically, be careful with what I say. I say I can prove to you that the Torah could have never been written by a human being. It was only be able to be written by the Creator of the world.
From that statement that I made you went to a completely separate issue. If you want to focus on what I started then I can start showing you the proof.
However, I want only one request from you and then we will move on to the next subject, if you don’t mind.
Show me please by name, I want to hear, the name of the university, the name of the scientists. The name of the research that you claim that proves beyond any doubt that the world is more than 5775 years old.
The audience that will watch it tomorrow on the internet they will have the right to go and check your research and to see if it a proven scientifically.
OK! OK! Tell me your source please…No! No! Wait No! Tell me now the source because this is your opening statement
NO! NO! NO! Let me first qualify something. Ok! You are telling me if scientifically I show you studies probably a lot more qualified people than…Robert Gentry? Than Robert Gentry!
Why? What make them more qualified than him? He is a world know scientist as well.
Well I am sure there are more world known scientists…I am saying collectively, they would be more qualified…I am not saying, I am not taking anything away from him, I am just don’t know.
Did they all come to the same age? Not coming to the same age but agreeing that 5,700 is not the number, or anywhere near…it’ a whole different thing.
Wait, but if they have so many different ages, obviously, you know, they don’t know what they are talking about.
Because if everyone goes around 4 million years old, let’s say, one say 4.1, one say 4.3, one say 3.9 million, then we know, they have something in common, that they are not far from the target. But when one say 10 million years old, and his friend from the same university, he say 300 billion years old…and when I turn the Discovery Channel one day, and I hear that the world was 20 million years ago, and on another show they say 300 billion years ago when the earth started to shift
I want you to tell me, how exactly, it’s an exact science?
I have never heard 300 billion…but what I read…4 billion you heard…I don’t do research, I read, was in the billions range…20 to 30 billion years, however, everyone collectively, collectively, agrees that’s in the billions…not in the thousands…there is a huge…
No, not true, not true…the most popular age of the world among scientists is 4 million years old. Check, check your homework, I’m sorry…check…I’m against the 4million, but I don’t know how you came with billions…the most accepted opinion, by science, is 4 million years old.
Now I suggest, look, we can argue about this, I say what I have to say, you say what you have to say, the people will be able to do the research. I promise everyone here, and I am not going to make myself a fool…
After you watch the film that I posted, it’s not a Rabbi, I posted and American, non-Jewish Scientist, that spoke about all the Scientific methods to calculate the age of the world, and he destroyed one by one, and no one of the Scientists was able to ever give him an answer until this day.
So when someone will be able to come against his research, how he destroyed whatever they found, then we can continue and see, but so far, I’m still giving you one more chance, to tell me what is your research? Who is the scientist? Which University you are following?
Give me the name of a world known scientists that can swear that the world is billions of years old, and let the people search and see if what he says is based on speculation, or it’s based on objective science. That’s all. You say what you have to say, I say what I….
Obviously, we’re not going to start searching on the internet now, and waste the whole night. You say what you say. I say what I say. I want to more get into the point that you are trying to disqualify the Torah.
I want you to be able to prove to me that the Torah was made by people, and you want me to prove to you that the Torah could not be written by people.
I think that’s more important than to…because remember, even if you were able to prove to me that the world is more than 6 thousand years old, you still did not contradict the Torah, because many Rabbis, claim that the calculation start from Adam, therefore we don’t have a disagreement here.
Which means it’s not relevant to prove Judaism. We are here to prove if Judaism is a Divine Religion, or if Judaism is a man-made religion like The Koran, or like The New Testament…and 80,000 other religions and cults, who started after Judaism.
We only care…and I’m sure you have the same interest…
Absolutely, Let me just make a small interject…Stephen Hawking claims this…and I think he is more renowned, in the world, than anyone else…or probably…one of the most…he’s an authority…yes….
He is the one, who claims such…If you want, I mean, one name…there are thousands…but
Did you check how many times he say one thing, and then few years later, he came and contradict everything he say?…One has nothing to do with the other…Did you check his record? I’ll tell you what, after…One has nothing to do with anything else…why not?
Obviously, he claim in the past, based on Science, certain things, and then later he came, and he said everything you heard until now, erased…the world was created from a pea, pea, you know a pea? Peas, peas that the Persians put in the rice…
No, no…That’s how he claims that the world came from a pea…I can let you listen to the recording…
No, no, no, you are misrepresenting it Rabbi, no, no, no, no! Their theory of “Evolution” or “Inception” is a theory that has not proven, which is called “The Big Bang Theory.”
That is not…That is, in itself, a theory! The Theory of the Universe is what you’re suggesting, and there are still debated on it. They call it a theory, they do not call it a proven method, don’t forget, all the Scientific findings, throughout the history, originally were a theory, and then they learned to prove it as such…but, having said that one, he is not…and I don’t know what research you are referring to that changed. People do research, people come up with theories based on that one they follow, and sometimes they make adjustments.
But the concept of having…putting an age on earth, although you don’t wanna go there, I mean, you keep on saying, well I can always say that…but I don’t think our issue is…I think the issue should be fact finding, not – ok, I’m gonna give you answers to keep you quiet.
I repeat what I told you. Can you prove to me that Stephen Hawking’s proved – remember, the word proved means, not a calculation that’s based on common sense, or speculation, that it sounds logical, or things that are convincing when you hear it. I am talking proof. Proof is math…absolutely…you know what its math?
Two plus two is four! That can be proven! All kinds of speculation that makes a lot of sense…I can send you millions of speculation that makes a lot of sense, but I wanna tell you one thing.
Just until recently, all the scientists in the world had a major argument – it divided the scientific world to two groups. Half of the scientists, approximately, claim that the world was always here.
Always here, there is no beginning to the world. The other half…What you mean? You mean the universe…The World you mean Earth? Earth…Earth…you can also say Universe…Earth…Universe actually! They were speaking about the whole universe. So the whole Universe was always here, which means our star was always here, and there was no beginning to it.
The other group of scientists claim no. The world had a beginning. Now you have to understand what’s behind this argument…If the people who say the world was always here, then they circumvent the issue who created the world…
Because it was always here, therefore, there is no Creator. The other scientists, and it has nothing to do with religion, it’s just a pure scientific argument. The other group of scientists claim no. The world has a beginning. Now the argument is over. In the last twenty years, everyone agrees, in a scientific world, the world had a beginning.
The world was made by a Creator. How do they know? They check that the Universe is expanding, expanding constantly. Therefore, if you press rewind on your video, and you go with the Universe all the way to the beginning point, it gets to a point that it was a simple dot.
You understand, or it was a beginning of a creation, which obviously there was beginning, because there is no way to shrink to a point that you can continue. At one point, that’s it! You got to the minimum of the minimum.
Therefore, they came to the conclusion, that the world was created, and it started by someone. Or started somehow….somehow….
Well, my personal belief is, something happened, and we can call that God. No problem. I don’t think my major…because even if scientists proved, at least according to, based on my learnings, and based on more scientists, a lot more scientists, making such claim, as otherwise, that earth, universe, everything was far older than the Biblical claims
But, I do believe, if they did not prove there was a God, they did not prove there a no God. Right….So, its, its…
We didn’t even get to the God issue yet…we just talking about created or not created! That’ it.
But we don’t know, we don’t know…at least, I don’t know. But I could accept that somehow, something, we cannot…you know, when you say someone….it often refers to a person. It’s something, that’s why I referred to it as a thing, because I think it’s more than a person.
You lead me now to ask you one question, because I think we can save a lot of time. If I understand where is your beginning point. Because otherwise we waste a lot of time, we don’t get to the main issues…let me ask you three or four quick questions, just answer me yes or no, like this I know what to say next.
Do you, as an individual, believe that the world was created by a Super Power? I don’t know. That…you want my belief or my studies? No, no, no…Which one? Whatever you believe after all your studies?
I don’t have any beliefs because no one has come to conclusion… as I mention to you, and, I agree, the Theory of Universe is still a theory. They have traced it back to billions of years. They have mathematical…actually Professor Hawking by trade, is a Mathematician. They have calculated based on lights… whatever else they have… the methods that they have…
But, based on Science, they have just proved that there is a God. You know that…They just came out, a few months ago, with a big machine, that they worked on it for many, many years…actually Scientists, for the first time in history, proven that there was an Intelligent Super Power, you call it God, you call it something else, that created the world. But let me just ask a few short questions…ok…
So you’re not sure if it was created by a Super Power or not? I’m not qualified…and what I believe doesn’t matter….ok…now…
Do you think? Can you point at one thing in this world that we live in, and the world that we live in has trillions of things from the day one until now. Did you ever see something symmetric, with a design that was made by itself?
Now I understand that you are a very talented clothing designer, if I come to your factory and say to you, this shirt was made by itself, no one ever cut it, no one ever designed it, accidentally the sleeves connected, the buttons know how to come, the rose came exactly next to it, and here we have a ten thousand dollar suit and it was made by itself.
Would you call 911 and tell them, come take this psycho quickly to evaluation, yes or no? Well, I wouldn’t call anybody to come and take you…but that’s would be your opinion about me.
No. I wouldn’t believe you. You would know it’s nonsense what I say…yeah, but you could always say it was a miracle…ok…now miracle…how many times the same miracle would repeat? If now in your factory, you have 10,000 suits, like that, is it statistically possible that the 10 suits, will every time, that goes like this, a suit is created by itself? And again? And again? I don’t believe in miracles…without debris? Without Debris.
Which means, if there were 10,000 suits that came crooked, all kinds of garbage, holes, one came perfect, I understand where you’re come from…then another 10 – 20,000 horrible suits, one of them came perfect…at least we had something to argue about…
But since I don’t believe that any suit came out of your factory not perfect…I don’t believe in miracles, so it’s all settled…so you know, that a person that will claim that a watch, a computer, or a camcorder, or a suit, was made by itself is not a hundred percent normal! You agree? Ok
Now, what’s more sophisticated? A watch? A suit? A camera? Or the brain of a human being?
The brain of a human being. Ok, brain of a human being has 10 trillion connections…which means, all the networks in the world…cellular, phones, anything you can think of, is not 1 percent of your brain or my brain.
Which is not even one percent, which means the brain is a whole world of communication, and 80 percent of that is water, and the wires inside the brain are one thousandth of a hair…you take a hair out of your head, that’s already a thousandth wires of the brain, and they are in such a sophisticated way…very good…and if you cut one of them, or two them, a person will never be able to move.
To claim that such a thing as a brain, multiplied by 7.5 billion brains, and then all the monkeys, and all the animals, we are talking about trillions of brains who came into a place, in a perfect way, and was designed “randomly,” and developed “randomly” by a random …evolution, I ‘m sorry, that’s something, for the chance for it to be happen statistically and scientifically, is a complete zero…there’s no chance…
According to you! You tell me if you disagree with what I say…I totally disagree with you… You disagree? Absolutely! You think a brain was able to be made by itself. That’s not what I said!
At least according to Science, all of it comes through Evolution. Evolution it’s another issue…let’s not…Evolution it’s how…Evolution is how things develop in our world. We are not getting to the development of the world; we are getting to the beginning of the world! Is it possible that the first human being that was made, was made…or a cell, you know what, let’s not even go into the brain. One tiny cell is already more sophisticated than any computer you ever saw…not necessarily, but…yeah…ok
Now, do you think that a cell, that is so brilliant plan in it, it was able to be created by a random explosion, or any kind of beginning that out of nowhere a cell was created? Do you think it’s possible?
Ok. Now you are asking me a scientific question. I’m not qualified as a Scientist to prove to you…as a common sense…no, no… A common sense you read from people who do research, who do research, who spend their entire lives doing these things, who are qualified…who qualify themselves to do so…
…they go and teach in Universities, and build Universities, and get us from the cave to where we are now, where we can live the way we do…and when they claim there was such a thing through evolution, if everyone had to go and do the same research, wouldn’t be possible…so I accept
Either you didn’t understand my question, or, accidentally, you went to Evolution. Evolution it’s Step 2. We are talking about the first second of the Creation, the first brain that was created…not the first brain, the first cell…
The first cell…Do you think the first cell was able to be created by itself or someone planned it? That’s what I’m referring to. I am saying, based on scientific information, that’s available, it happened, based on Geological Movements that have taken place.
Where is all the debris of those movements? Do you know…the chance that something like this…we are talking about billions of steps until the brain will be created…trillions of steps…which means 1, 2, 3, 4 for many, many thousands and millions of years, 1, 2, 3, 4, but, in between, there are connections. Where are…no Science ever connected the step from the beginning of Evolution to the end.
They claim, there was the beginning that was the end. One day you were a monkey, you bent down and you had a tail, and the next day, you’re a professor, and you’re Albert Einstein.
But they did not ever prove the linking points between one step to another. It’s based on assumption…you yourself said before that Evolution is a theory….
No, no, no….Actually, there was a big finding, they found some bones a few years ago, that gave them an indication between the link and they named it something, I don’t recollect it.
But, having said that one, it did not happen from one day to the next day. Evolution, of what you’re referring to, it’s a work of billions of years…at least according to the ones who are making the claim.
Take trillions of years… but the beginning, the beginning, the little tiny microscopic cell that has a whole world inside of it. It’s a very, very brilliant thing, the first cell. Now you choosing to take the opinion that makes no sense whatsoever, just because this person calls himself “Professor”…
That everything was made out of nowhere…but you ignoring, to take the opinion of thousands of other Professors…even not religious ones, that claim that no creation was ever made by itself.
Every creation has a Creator and the more sophisticated is the creation, it indicates about the brilliance of the Creator.
And the step 3 is, we never found anything that was created for no purpose, and the 4th step is, did you ever see anyone made something without a purpose?
For instance, if a person designs clothes he has a purpose, that people will wear it, and look good and warm, and everything.
If someone made a camera, you know what he wants, if someone makes a light bulb, you know what he wants, what came first? What came first, the plan or the actual creation?
First comes the plan. You want something, you develop a plan, you design it, and then you create it. Can you show me one thing from trillions of things that were made, according to you, in millions of years of world?
Can you point at one item that was made ever in history that was made by itself? This square can be by itself? I’ll give you one billion attempts to make it by itself…
I’ll give you a thousand coins, and I’m gonna give you everything I own. Everything I have, and I’m gonna make you the king of the world, in my website, if you’ll be able to take 100 coins, and throw them on the floor, and they will fall in the same way twice in a row. Whatever you want, here, it’s recorded. I’ll give you whatever you want. If it’s possible to happen randomly.
With all due respect, you’re misrepresenting, and you’re just misguiding everything. First of all, we were talking about nature; we were not talking about products. Evolution is…
Product is a part of nature….excuse me, no it’s not! Products are what people make…people are a product of nature….who developed the nature more.
No, no, no….they help nature develop other things. When they refer, at least Scientists…plastic its nature or no? Plastic? Where plastic come from?
Plastic is man-made. Man made, but the material that make plastic, it come from nature or no?
There’s not one thing in the world that is not nature. This is nature…the wood is nature. Your shoes are nature…everything is nature…
Nature could, probably, under certain circumstances, develop plastic, I’m not aware of it, but all I’m trying to say is that your misrepresenting certain things.
What’s plastic made from? From oil. Plastic made from oil…that’s what makes the Arabs very rich…every plastic that you bought is made from oil… Oil comes from nature…without oil you don’t have plastic.
Rabbi that has nothing to do with anything, I have a suggestion….I just wanted to make one point.
One scientists, and you’re really getting the most renown, the most respected scientists currently alive…we don’t know how long for…and you’re saying he claims himself a professor…he’s not claimed by himself professor…
He’s a renowned, accepted logical, well informed, well read, well studied individual…and then on the other side you say thousands of others…I think the ratio is the reverse.
Who was bigger Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawkings? They are both great. But who is much bigger? Einstein…Do you want me to read to you a few quotes from Albert Einstein? No…You want me to?
You should Google…you told me this thing last time, and I suggested the same thing. Ok. I came ready for your Albert Einstein, because he told me that you asked me that.
Einstein, Einstein…if you google, and everybody, as you said, we don’t have the time…I recommend everybody Google Einstein on religion. His opinion…it’s not a one sentence thing because…
If you take one sentence out of a book, it could mean totally different than when you read the book.
So, I think, I encourage everyone, just to Google… not that it would matter a lot…Here, I’m convinced…
I’m not trying…I’m not trying…Do you give me permission to read two sentences from Albert Einstein and tell me if it’s open for interpretation? He said like this…
Albert Einstein about religion…and by the way, I took it from a secular website. Nothing to do with religion… It says like this, it says,
God is not playing with dice…that’s when he spoke about the Mechanica de Quantum… (Quantum Physics)
He said God is not playing with dice. I claim, that the religion, the Cosmic Religion is the strong mortar, and the superior to Scientific research, the religion, he’s using the word religion…
Then it says…I believe in the God of Spinoza, that is revealing himself…Spinoza was a Jew…yeah…that revealing himself in the harmonic of the entire universe…
I don’t believe that God care about the individual acts of human being. So, he believes in a God, Creator, then in another place he wrote…
The more I research with my scientific work, I was more amazed, how brilliant is the creator, and how our knowledge about His work is so limited.
I don’t think it’s open for interpretation…as the greatest scientist in modern history, he believed in God, and I have a list of 20 other scientists that are just as big, that they all knew that there is a Creator.
But I have a great solution for you, which I am sure you will like. I’m sure. Look, if I come and claim to you, I say to you, from brother to brother, I say to you look – it all comes down to one issue.
We can argue about Science for 5 million years…you know that, and it’s never gonna end because your gonna bring a new one, and I’m gonna bring a new one, and that’s never gonna end…
We have a much easier way to prove. All I have to do… I come and I throw a bomb at you, you hold the bomb, you throw it back at me. Eventually, someone would be left with the bomb…
I come and say to you, I can prove to you in maximum one hour, maximum, and since you’re a clever person it will be 20 minutes. That the Torah can never be proven, can never be written, by a human being…
Only by the Creator. I’m gonna show you certain things that written in the Written Torah and in the Oral Torah…which many more skeptics has claims against the Oral Torah, more than the Written Torah… and I’m gonna ask you to explain to me, if it’s possible that a human being, 3,300 years ago, as the Torah was given to the Jews, if 3,300 years – even today – but needless to say back then when they didn’t have the technology of today, no computer, no satellite, no telescope, but even today, is it possible that a person was able to write it in a book 3,300 years.
I’m sure, you honest enough, and you make good impression, so I’m sure, you gonna give me a yes or no answer.
I’m gonna write you certain things that is written in the Torah, and I would ask you only to tell me, is it possible that a human being was able to write such a thing?
Or only, call him whatever you want, don’t call him God, it doesn’t matter; only the Creator of the world was able to write it.
At the same time, if you have any specific evidence, based on what’s written in the Torah, that this is a human error, that would prove that the Torah is not divine…or at least parts of it.
So now we come down to one argument. You have to prove to me the Torah is not divine. I have to prove to you that the Torah is divine.
If you agree with me, or, the vast majority of the people who will watch our debate, they will agree that I convince you that the Torah is Divine, I reach my goal…
If you will be able to convince the audience, that you put enough doubt in the Torah, that it cannot be proven as Divine, you won the debate. That’s it. We can talk about Science forever, but it’s not so relevant to the religion…let’s talk about the religion now…So let’s, let’s…I agree with you. First of all, I want…let me tell you my position on God and the Torah…Written Torah, Oral Torah and God…
Let me first…no, no, no, no…Let me tell you. First we agreed that we disagreed on scientific findings. So, at least our audience is clear, you and I totally disagree… on the finding of Science…and I think this is easily….you did not supply one solid proof. If we be in a Court of Law…No, no…You made a claim…
No, but you claim that the Scientists have proven that the world is millions of years old…you made a claim. I didn’t claim that…The burden of proof is on you to prove – to bring one scientific proof, that the world is millions or billions of years old.
You did not bring me any proof. You made…what about the age…go ahead…No, no, no. All I’m saying is, let’s agree to disagree, that our Scientific findings, are based on total different basis…I think…the claim that I am making is, at least the number of Scientists, who claim otherwise, are 50 to 1…we’ll leave that at that!
But, what I personally believe, I believe there was a beginning, and something was created…how? I’m not smart enough to know. But I think it’s what we ended up calling nature…
Ok…and we, the rest of the Universe, are a byproduct of nature. We can call it God. We can call it nature…but I don’t think, personally, that…that God, that was the beginning Creator of the first thing so to speak. The first…if the law, or the theory, is correct…of the Big Bang…did that one to create us, so we can, you know, enjoy the rest of the Universe…if you really look at the size, how vast Universe is, your gonna see that they are irrelevant….but you can talk about…
Do you think that the Torah was written by people, or was written by God? What do you think? This is very good question. Yeah.
What do you think?…I think it was written by people…You think people wrote it from the beginning to the end…I assume so, and I’ve spoken with a few other Rabbis.
If I prove to you, that inside the Torah, there is hundreds of pieces that can never be written by human being. Only the one who created the world had that knowledge, would it change your mind?
I’ll tell you with one caveat…with one caveat…the main issue with Torah is…Torah is not written in a language where a layman would read it….
The problem…the problem is, Torah needs to be interpreted by different people, and, different people interpret it differently! Different Rabbis, depending on where they are, past, present…they all interpreted it different.
Now if you tell me, this is what is written, but, now it means that, that’s a different story…that’s not what I’m talking…ok then…
Go ahead…Absolutely! …We’re talking different areas…No, no, no…I am all ears…
Ok. I’ll give you the first proof. According to Judaism, before there was a Jewish calendar, two witnesses have to come…they testified about the renewal of the moon.
Once the moon renewed every month…Judaism goes based on the moon and based on the sun. The Christians go based on the sun, and the Muslims go based on the moon.
And there’s a 11 days and change difference, between the year of the moon, and the year of the sun, which means, every 3 years, the holidays would move on the calendar by approximately a month.
Now, the Torah says, that the Jews since they depend on this calculation, they have one limitation. What’s the limitation?
Passover must always be, must always be, in the month of the spring. Pesach Chag Haviv….Passover Holiday of the spring.
And since, in a Divine Book, you cannot have any human error, you cannot have, if Pesach would be in December, when everyone is freezing, and then you see the first mistake in the Torah.
And it will be very easy, from now on, to have questions in almost everything in the Torah, because once you have a mistake, like the New Testament, and the Koran is full of mistakes, if you watch some of my videos, you’re gonna see,
Once you find a mistake in the Written or in the Oral Torah, then you know that everything else is questionable, and it makes your life a lot easier to prove your point. You don’t need to go through Science, and all kinds of speculation. You would come and say – you see this? This is a mistake in the Torah; therefore, it cannot be from God,
Just like in the New Testament it says that the Cave of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is in the city of Shechem, Nablus, and every fool knows it’s in Chevron, and God doesn’t make such mistakes. That’s a serious mistake. Right? Christians comes and say that God gave the Jews the Torah, and we believe the Torah, we call it The Old Testament, and the same God gave us another book.
And once we go to the second book, we find over there, there are contradictions to the first book, which mean, God never gave them the book, end of story. It takes five minutes to prove it.
Same thing you can do in the Torah. So now let me explain to you what the proof is. The Torah say, that one time, it’s in the Talmud, it’s mentioned in the Talmud, the Torah say, in Masechet Rosh Hashana, that witnesses came to the Beit Din, and Raban Gamliel, the President of Israel, on that day was his turn to sit on the Beit Din, waiting for witnesses, you need minimum 2, to come and testify about the renewal of the moon.
Few witnesses came, and they told him now is the renewal of the moon…because I’m not as educated as you are. You need to explain…I don’t understand what you mean…so I’m lost…

So ask me what you don’t understand and I’ll tell you…what do you mean to testify? I’ll tell you. You know, you look at the moon, right? In the beginning of the month, the moon is very small. On the 15th of the month, the moon is full…yeah, because…and then it reduces…exactly. So, from the beginning to the middle, it’s growing. From the middle to the end, it’s decreasing, the moon.
Right, the cycle of the moon is approximately, 30 days. Approximately? Yeah. Ok. So now, in Judaism…Thank you very much… in Judaism, the renewal of the moon is something very critical.
What’s critical about it? All the holidays…for instance, if the Jews will eat on Yom Kippur, or they will fast on Yom Kippur, it depends, if you know to announce the renewal of the moon on the right day.
Because if you miss by few hours, if you do it after sunset, everyone will eat on Yom Kippur, and everyone will fast on the following day, which is a big tragedy according to the Torah…
That all Jews in the world will not fast on Yom Kippur. So it has to be very accurate. Which within seconds. Why? Because if sunset today it’s 5…5 o’clock, exactly.
Which means if one witness would come and say 4:59, now it’s the renewal of the moon, and the second witness would say it’s 5:02…that’s a big difference. If you go based on the first witness, everyone would fast on one day…and if you go on the second, everyone would fast on the following day…
So this is one of the most important things in Judaism, to know where the holiday is gonna be…where to celebrate Passover, where Rosh Hashanah, which is the Judgment day…when Yom Kippur? When Shavuot?
All these things are dependent on the renewal of the moon. So, now, the Gemara says that Raban Gamliel was sitting, waiting for witnesses to come. The witnesses came, and they say to him….it was a cloudy day, now; it’s the renewal of the moon. Now he’s sitting inside the building, and they came from the mountains, people waiting to see when the moon disappears…and right beginning to grow…they run to the Beit Din…because remember, there was no Jewish calendar. Today it’s very easy. You go in the calendar it’s all pre-calculated…but back then it was done manually every month.
So the witnesses came, and they say to Raban Gamliel now it’s Rosh Chodesh, now it’s the renewal of the moon, therefore, the renewal of the Jewish month started as of now, and he say to them, all of you are wrong. It’s in the Talmud…It cannot be…and this is what he said. This is how we receive… this is how he opened his statement…
This is how we received from generation to generation, all the way to Moses. The renewal of the moon can never be less than 29 days, and a half, and two thirds of the hour, and 73 parts of the minute. If you do the math, which I can show you later all my slides, I don’t want to waste now time, it’s gonna take a long time…everything you ask from me, sources…I’m here.
I’ll give you my card, my email…anything, you have questions, you get all the sources…By the way, everything that I am telling you now is in my film, “Torah and Science,” which I brought you a copy, so later you can go over it and make your notes…and you can get back to me. So now it says like this….Calculation of the renewal of the moon…The renewal of the moon – which is millions of calculations – every month it’s different than the other month…the world is moving…all the Galaxies are moving….
So every month is different than the month before…the Gemara says, the Talmud, which is 100 percent Oral Torah; it’s in the Oral Torah. The renewal of the moon will never be less than 29.530590. I repeat…the cycle, the minimum cycle of all moons from now to eternity, as long as this world exists….will never be less than 29.530590…which is six digits after the decimal point, and it was written 2,000 years ago in the Talmud. When there was no calculator…
Now. If I’ll show you right now, if you want…I turn my screen to you. The research of NASA, the Institution of Science in the United States….and, the Germans, which are even higher than NASA…the Scientists of Germany…both of them did their research and spent billions of dollars, and thousands of employees, and measurements and… Everything, after many years of research, they came with the…they published the minimal cycle Earth Moon System….29…The Americans….29.530588. The Germans 29.530589, which means the difference between Americans to the Torah, its 2 – 10,000 of a second.
Take 1 second – here 1 – 2. Take that period divide it to 10,000 pieces. Take 2 of them out. That’s the difference between what the Americans discovered by investing, millions, billions of dollars and what the primitive, Oral Torah from 2,000 years ago, when there was no Telescope, no Satellite, no nothing…The Torah wrote, the renewal of the moon will never be less than this number.
Meaning! If it will be 29 days, and 12 hours, and 40 minutes…and it will be 2-3 minutes below that number, based on Scientific Objective Science, you see this is Science….
I use Science all the time to prove the Torah. The difference between you and me is…You choose from Science, all kinds of speculation to back your opinion up…
I don’t work like that. I work with what’s real and can be proven, and what’s speculation. When I have speculation who backs me up, I don’t use it, even though it’s backing me up, and I can fool the audience.
It’s not my style…I work only with what was proven…
This is something that was proven. This is something that was proven. Scientific! Its objective science! It’s calculation.
They brought different research and they came 1/10,000th of a second difference between the Americans and the Germans and the Gemara 2,000 years before them wrote the renewal of the moon.
Now you have to agree with me that even today, not 2,000 years back there, even today you and me with Google, with science, with professors, with Hawking’s, with everything you want nobody, nobody today on his own can commit in a divine book that the renewal of the moon will never be less than this number and if it is, by one minute Judaism is over. Now do you think that a person was able to write such a thing? What do you think?
That’s one out of thousands of proofs like this that I have? I really don’t know what is right what is wrong. I mean, these are claims that you make. I don’t think the lack of…I’ll open you right now the NASA page…original page.
You can’t really….He got you! No, no, no, no. Lack of one thing does prove existence of another… You guys are gonna be all talking…let them really talk without interference…let’s step up the policy.
Lack of one thing does not prove the existence of anything else. At least this is scientifically. You are telling me that the Gemara says, Torah doesn’t say, the Gemara says…Gemara its Oral Torah.
Well, it was a claim…Yeah…that was made…I can concede to that one because I never read Gemara.
You said you never read Gemara. I have a better question for you, did you ever read the Written Torah once in your life from the beginning to the end, and you understand the meaning the meaning of the words?
Forget about the secrets. Forget about Rashi. Forget about Commentators. Did you read the Written Torah from the beginning to the end, every verse, and you understand the simple meaning of every verse in the Torah?
No! Not every verse, and not every…. but, have I read it? I have been to Jewish School for enough years. I read it, but…especially when they mean a look…it’s written in Hebrew the real Torah.
The translation…. I’m talking in English….the translation….No,no,no,no….the translation, the word to word translation, really does not have much meaning…
It’s only when you…when a Rabbi sits down…a Rabbi sits down, and explains it to you differently, or interprets it differently, that it comes up.
No, no, no, no. I did not talk about explanation, and Commentaries. I spoke about the simple Hebrew, that every educated Israeli, secular, did not go to Jewish school, you come and you tell them, read the Torah…and he understands what’s the meaning of the words. Of course there’s a lot of secrets. I’m not even getting into the secrets.
I’m just asking you…I tell you why I am asking you this…because I am speaking for 20 years…and you have to assume that you are not the first person who come and debate me in person, or in front of audience.
It happens many times in the past. But I tell you with my hand on my heart, that 20 years, millions of people already listen to my lectures, and I spoke in 5,000 different events and Seminars all over the world.
I have so many CDs, and Website – one of the most successful in the world…but I promise you now, and this is unbelievable what I am telling you, but I promise you that it is not a lie.
Not one time, I had one secular Jew, that come and criticize the Torah, and doubt the Torah, that ever read the Torah once, to understand the simple meanings of the words.
Not include the secrets, not include the Oral Torah, just the simple meanings of the Torah and I promise you one more thing, and I hope you believe me, that if you go home, and you put a week from your time, from your businesses, and you read the Torah from the beginning to the end, you will never need to debate anyone.
You would not need me to prove to you the Torah is divine, because by you reading all the strange things that are written in the Torah, you would know already as a clever person
No human being would write such thing, because he has no incentive to write about Sacrifices, putting the blood over here, putting the blood on the toes, cleaning the house from some crumbs, because if a faker would write the Torah, he would want fame, he would want money, he would want control, he would want to be famous in history.
He would want to get something for himself. But if you read the Torah, you see, that the writer of the Torah, if you claim he was a human being or a Rabbi, whatever you call it, did all the mistakes that is possible to make his life difficult.
First, he wrote on himself that he’s stuttering. Second, he wrote on himself that God punish him, and he never entered the land.
Second…Third, he wrote that his children were not worthy enough to inherit him. Fourth thing he wrote that God got angry at him.
Fifth, he wrote, that people rebel against him, again, and again, and again, and gave him hard time. Then he wrote certain things in the Torah, that basically making his name be memorized in the history with defects…problems!
Nobody, ever, would write about himself in a book that he comes to control the people that he have this problem, and this, and he got punished. No one would write such a thing. Plus! If I want to fool millions of people, and wanna give them a book. What’s behind my plan? Money. Fame. Power. I want everyone to think that I’m the smartest person in the world.
Now! Why would I come and write in my book – half of my book – the most strange things in the history…what does it help me if my listeners…Rabbi, Rabbi! Are these questions? Or, a… It’s a statement.
Yeah, but don’t worry, you’ll have the time to comment as long as you need! I’m asking…what a person would gain anything by telling people to clean their house from bread crumbs.
Nothing! A person gains anything to tell people to spend millions of dollars on Sacrifices in The Holy Temple? He gets nothing! People get angry. Nobody wants to burn money.
A person would get anything by telling people not to go to work one day? What does he get by that? Let them work as much as they want. As long as they give me the money, the fame, the power – let them do whatever they want. You can do whatever you want. You can marry…you don’t have to marry, you can…whatever you want…you don’t have to pray. You don’t have to close your business one day a week. What is in it for me?
The more I make it difficult, the more you hate me. So if I’m a faker, if a human being would write the Torah, you will not find one incentive, one reason for him to write such a book…what did he get by that?
Rabbi, you are referring to Moses, I am assuming? Yes! Or anyone…I didn’t claim that someone else, other than God, or Moses…I don’t know who wrote it. What I would assume, based on more Reformed Rabbis
Torah has been written over time…and it has been corrected until a certain time, and then they did not…but, however, it’s not like to say, ok because certain thing is said, so it’s Divine.
You tell me from the beginning, when, let’s say Moses brought all of those people out, according to some claims, what, its 2 million people who came out? More than 3.5 million.
More than 3.5 million people came to the desert. Ok. Now, 3.5 million people…and I assume they were men, women, 40 years…they eat. Human’s nature. Yes. You eat. You let out. Yes. You have deposits. Right? Where do they go? What’s the problem? Where do you think your grand grandparents went when they had to go to the bathroom in Iran, 70 years ago? To the forest, and then later they started to make bathrooms in the backyard.
My grandmother, her bathroom was not inside the house…there was no flushing. She had to go to a place…We did not have flushing when I was born either…
Exactly! So what’s the question? Same way people…They didn’t go to desert, eat, and let out, and get up. Simply…they made bathrooms…bathrooms…a Gemara speaks about the bathrooms in their days.
The Shulchan Aruch – 500 years ago – describes the bathroom. They make a big hole in the ground, with holes…just like in the Israeli Army until today has…and people go over there…they make themselves a …they build a place for modesty…and the waste go very deep in the ground, and every once in a while they cover it with sand and they create a new bathroom as they moving…that’s not really…that’s really not a question.
The food? Ohhhh! Wait a minute! Now you are leading me to the next proof. Tell me now one question. Can I prove to all these people? Can I prove to all these people now, things that happened to them, that never happened to them?
Can I come and give the now a speech. Ladies and Gentlemen! Thank you all of you to listen to me… I am the representative of God, who wrote this book based on his instruction, and I am giving you a copy today, and I am telling each one of you. I took you out of Japan, I brought you here to New York City, I build your homes, I gave each one of you thousands of dollars weekly…
I cure each one of you. I’m supplying you bread, falling into your bank account every day. They will tell me excuse me sir, what’s wrong with you? Who are you? We never been in Japan.
You’re not giving us any money! You did not bring us to here…I came from Russia, he came from Iran, he came from Texas…what are you talking about. We don’t even know who you are.
You coming to sell me a story, what happened to me in the last year, and none of the things that you say happened to me? Now I wanna ask you a question. Listen!
The writer of the Torah. Call him whoever you want. Call him Moshe, call him Yitzchak. I don’t care. Call him John. Whatever you want to call him, the writer of the Torah, he comes to a group of people, and he say, I am the God who took you out of Egypt. You were slaves over there. I split the ocean. I made you go through, and all the enemies drowned. If it did not happen, who would accept the book from him?
Tell me, are you crazy? God never gave me this book because we never been in Egypt. Then he goes to the next thing. He says, every day you see bread falling from heaven. You see clear miracle in front of your eyes.
If bread would not fall, right away they would tell him, excuse me, Moshe, maybe you don’t feel good, I’m here every day and I don’t see any bread falling.
But, the best part of the 100 miracles that is described in the Torah…and remember, Judaism is the only religion that was given, directly to the receivers of the book. You don’t have it in 80,000 Religions, fake ones that came later.
Why? Because everybody that wrote those fake religions knew, he could not fake the receivers by telling them…this and this happened to you. The only one that was brave to come to a group of millions of people, and say, did I take you t of Egypt? Yes sir. Did I make the Egyptians drown? Yes sir. Did I make the Ten Plagues in Egypt and all of you saw it? Yes. What are you referring to? Here is what I am referring to…
Here. You should have already got the point, but I’m gonna get to the punchline. Then Moshe comes and he gives them a book. 304,805 letters. A big scroll. They open it up, and they read that 7 weeks ago they came out of Egypt. If it did not happen, they would not agree to accept the book, it’s not divine. It’s a lie. And then in the book it say, all of you, all of you heard me speaking to God, and you heard His voice.
If one of them would raise his hand, one of the 3.5 million, and says Mr. Moshe, I’m very sorry. I’m also standing here for hours – I did not hear the voice of God that would be the end of Judaism…before it even started.
Because 3.5 million people over there, I have to be Superhero, brave, and a total fool to make myself the dumbest person in history, to come to 3.5 million people and say…didn’t you hear all of you that I spoke to God, and you heard his voice? What would they say?
I’m not getting you. I’m not understanding what you are even…Did I make my point clear? I’m not sure? We knew all of this… No, no, no! That’s the story of Torah. You are explaining…I am asking very specifically…in Sinai Desert. Yes. After 3,000 years. What language he talk to them God? The Holy Language – the Language of the Torah.
Ok. There is…they have not found any remains, of anyone, let alone 3.5 million people. Not true! Nothing! Not true! I have in my house a rock, that was found in one of the mountains and they spread it 10-15 years ago all over…they actually sold it for $10.
That this is rocks that were found that has pictures of bush, and when you break them, you still see drawing of a bush inside. Plus, in the Red Sea, they found, all the carriages – not all – many of the carriages of Pharaoh…and even in Egypt, they found coins with Hebrew Aleph Bet. Wait! These are totally irrelevant to my question.
I mean…You say they didn’t find in the desert anything.I am telling you they have not found human remains. You are telling me they found rocks. Wait a minute! The desert had millions of other people, Arabs, and all kinds, and Moav, and Amalek. Where did they find their remains? Show me?
By not…by not…finding bodies, that’s not a proof that the body, that the person did not live. I do not know where Moshe Rabbeinu is buried; does that mean he did not exist? Because I don’t know where he’s buried?
There’s millions of other people I don’t know where they’re buried. I don’t understand what’s the question here? I’ll tell you!
I’ll tell you what the question is? You are smart enough to understand…You are smart enough to understand. I am not trying to manipulate you. When 3.5 million people….well, today, forget about 3,000 years ago, move from one place to another place… everything moves…Those days, population of earth was not 7 billion. 3.5 million would have constituted the whole country! …Even a thousand! Now, 3.5 million people go through a desert…You gotta be able to find their remains…the remains of some! Because there is no remains of Arabs, so it doesn’t mean that it’s ok for Jews not to have remains. Arabs do not claim…
Did you ever hear…They found the actual Altar of Joshua in Mountain of Eval? I am talking about remains…they actually found! Remains of 3.5 million people? Of what bones? Bones! Something! They dig all over the desert to look for bones? What are you saying? The desert is endless? What they gonna do…they gonna start go with radars to look for bones?
They do Archaeology! What kind of claim is this? It’s not a claim, it’s a question! Archaeology…archaeology…In an ocean, can I find my grandfather through a million dollar coin in the middle of the ocean? And it’s my job to look for it? If I won’t find it, that means my grandfather didn’t exist? No, no, no…That’s what you’re referring to….
Did I understand him correctly? What do you think? No, no, no! Ask me! He say, it’s difficult to believe, that 3.5 million people, died in the desert, and until today, nobody found a single bone from those 3.5 million people, who supposed for over forty years…
But there are hundreds of millions of other people, that nothing was found! So that means that they didn’t exist? No…Where are all the Arabs that were buried in the desert?
They say you don’t have a proof…and he doesn’t have a proof! You don’t know if they were there, and he saying doesn’t know…I’m very sorry! That’s not how you arguing scientifically! Of course you do!
No you don’t! You don’t say because it wasn’t found it never existed! No, no, no! Rabbi! You’re telling me that because there are no Arabs found, so there are no Jews to be found! Nobody was found! Who was found? Maybe there wasn’t anyone! I don’t know! Ok! Just please answer one question, and I wanna move to my next proof! My question to conclude this part…this last 20 minutes of our arguments is like this!
Do you believe that a person that would like to fool…remember, the Torah could never be planted in history for one simple reason, because the Torah is writing that the Torah was given to the actors of the Torah, which means!
When the faker…according to maybe, what you believe…that faker, who wrote the Torah and made it up. Had only one way to convince the people…He is giving them the book, and they are written in the book…they, each one of the receiver it’s written in the Torah.
Now, he comes and give them the Torah. He describes one hundred miracles that happened to them – include – he claim to them, that the way to know that God gave him the book is – that all of you heard me speaking to God, and here, I’m bringing you the book of God.
Now what faker, would be able, to manipulate 3.5 million people, or even 1,000 people, or even 50 people and convince all of them, that something that never happened in history to them – to them! Not in history…To each one of them!!!
Actually, never happened to them, but I’m claiming that it happened to them…and they will all say to me, ok sir, we will comply with your lie! We will pretend that we heard God. We will pretend that we have man…we will pretend that we were in Egypt…we will pretend that we have 10 Plagues in Egypt. Do you think it’s possible? Tell me! What do you think?
Rabbi! I’ll tell you Rabbi Mizrachi! That the problem….no the problem is, we are questioning whether there were 3.5 million people…now you’re telling me to accept that they were believers! I am questioning! I said 50 people, 50! A family of 50 people! No, no, no, no! Can you convince them that something like this happened to them if it never happened?
I am not saying…I’m not…I’m questioning their existence? I wanna be…I wanna understand that there was such a thing…it’s not that I don’t want to believe it…I want to believe it! But it’s hard for my logic to say look!
3.5 million people came to a desert, for 40 years they…probably, they grew to be more…a lot of them died I assume…yes…yes…according to Torah all 3.5 million, and then the new generation -only few went in. Ok and probably during those days, because life expectancy in those years was far less than now, so probably, it could have grown to 5 million, or whatever, in the desert. And all the archaeological…
Nobody digs in the desert…Excuse me! I don’t understand! People only…Rabbi, I let you finish. No, no, no….I just wanna make sure I understand your response. You are telling me, simply because Arabs were not found, it’s ok for no remains to be found in the desert, somewhere between, 3.5 million and 5 million people. It’s ok, and it’s logically acceptable. Based on your assumption, the bodies of Titanic, that were never recovered, therefore, there was no Titanic! Based on your assumption!
That’s absolutely not…they were in the Ocean! And history….Ocean and Desert is to very large places! No, no, no, no! You are mixing things…First of all, there was a history at the time of Titanic. It was recorded. It was recorded in the time of the Torah…There was no other history…
There was no other historical writing about Torah, what happened to Egypt, there is no history written elsewhere. If you again Google, all of those, the only reference that is, is Torah, and I’m not saying it’s right or wrong! I am questioning – for a logical individual, how to accept that 3.5 million people, for 40 years, increased to whatever else, and there is no finding of this…
And you’re trying to convince me that I shouldn’t know this? That I shouldn’t ask this! I repeat what I told you! Not finding a bone doesn’t mean those bones did not exist. You know that, scientifically, that’s not a claim! That’s not correct!!
Well people will hear this recording and they’ll know that that’s not how you contradict Science! No, no, no. If you refer to 1 – 10 -20 – limited number of people. But people died in different places…they not all died in one place. That’s exactly why…So why you suggest?
So wait a minute. What you suggest? That people will start go to the desert, and gamble. They gonna make a big hole over here, and a big hole over there, and they walk for a million years until they find bones. That’s what you suggest?
Do you think that’s how Archaeology works? Look, they found…they found…so much everywhere else in the world. Whether it’s Greece or Egypt! Thank you very much for saying it! Tell me, all the Archaeologists? All the Archaeologists…that they found anything in Israel…The City of David, The Western Wall was also covered at one point. Everything they ever found, the Altar of Joshua ben Nun, as described in the book of Joshua…
Coins that were found yesterday… They just found a big treasure in Jerusalem under the Mosque yesterday. All this, how the archeologists knew to go with toothbrushes and to dig over there for years
How did they know where to start their digging? Based on the Tanach, without the Tanach almost no archeology would ever be found. And that leads me to the next proof to you. Now you know Jews are allowed to eat kosher fish.
What’s not kosher it’s not allowed to be eaten. The Torah says, since there are millions of different kind of things that lives in the ocean. The Torah said to the Jews in order for you to know if it’s kosher or not you need two witnesses. Two signs fins and scales.
If it has fins and scales, it’s kosher. If it doesn’t have one of the two, or both, it’s not kosher. Now we go to the Oral Torah. The Oral Torah that speaks about this verse, and you have to know one thing, in case I did not say it until now…The Oral Torah, you cannot understand 1 of the 613 laws in the Written Torah, without the Oral Torah. You would not understand how to write the Torah, where to put the comma, how to make the Sefer Torah, from what animal, with what ink…
You would not know what Tefilin is. Tefilin, even Conservative some of them put Tefilin, so they would never know how to make Tefilin, because all the instructions on how to make Tefilin…there are more than a thousand instructions how to make it from the time he was a cow, until it became those black boxes, with all the written inside, and every little detail which, if one of them is incorrect, the Tefilin is not kosher.
None of that is written in the Written Torah. Circumcision of the baby, most Jews, even Atheists, they circumcise their baby. How do they know where to cut? Because in the Written Torah, it doesn’t say where to cut!
It’s only on the Oral Torah, that it says…Rabbi Mizrachi, I think you are getting off…it’s not about making certain claims…there are specific questions and I think it would be enlightening if people found the answers for them…at least people like myself. He’s probably more of a believer than I am… and I invited him to be a part of our questioning source. So you are telling me, that there are remains, or there should be remains. In the Red Sea…they found in the Red Sea…No, no, no, no…No, in the desert. Between Egypt to the Red Sea, you can only get to the desert. You cannot be anywhere else. No, no, no…When you cross from Egypt, and you found all these carriages, just as the Torah described?
Carriages…no one claims that in old Egypt, there were no carriages. No. Inside the Red Sea on the way to Israel….I’m not saying there is…I’m not saying there isn’t…You can go on Google and find it…No, no, no…There are many, many videos of discoveries in the desert, and in the Red Sea….I am saying that their existence, or lack of it, does not prove or disprove anything. That’s all I’m saying!
All I’m questioning…my, my question is addressed very specifically. Since the Nation of Israel was in the desert for 40 years, the big desert, and traveled from one end to the other end and they were in the millions, are you saying that there should not be any remains, or there are that we haven’t found? There are some that we found…They have not been found anything…There are some…There are some…Your claim is very correct! Wait…Again! There are some that were found, there are some who were not found.
Not finding something that was written in a book from 3,300 years ago, it’s not a proof that that something did not exist scientifically. Therefore, you don’t have any claim against what I say! No, no, no…You…to prove that I don’t have a sister, you cannot. You can prove that I do have a sister…but you cannot prove that I don’t have because she can be anywhere in the world.
By you not finding her, doesn’t mean she’s not alive! Now let me conclude what I told you about the fish, because this is very critical for this debate, for you… for you, as a seeker of the truth, which I believe you are, it’s very important for you to hear what I have to say about this fish. The Oral Torah comes to the Jews and say, everything you will ever find in the water…72% of the world is water…
As you know, it’s almost 3/4 of the world, everything you will ever find – everything that you will ever find – that’s more than 40,000 different kinds of fish, and many other things – everything you will ever find in the ocean.
If you found scales in a body of that creature, I guarantee you, you will have fins. You will find creatures that have fins but do not have scales, like sharks, dolphins and others…but you will never find anything that have scales, and did not have fins…
Which means, the writer of the Torah, took a huge risk…he took a huge, huge, huge risk. Remember, half of the things that live today in the ocean did not even exist when the Torah a written.
Why? Because they always merge and create new species, like you say, evolution. The world is always developing and new creatures are being created between mixing of the species. Plus it’s been done by scientists all over the world. They do it on purpose for all kinds of purposes.
Until today, for three thousands, three hundred years, nobody ever found, in nowhere in the world in the water something that has scales, that you scrape them and the scales are falling off, just like in Kosher fish.
Nobody ever found anything that has scales and does not have fins. Now I want to ask you as common sense question. If a person is a faker and he comes to write a book of religion and claim G-d gave to him. What normal person will take such huge risk, writing in a book that if you find one fish like that in the ocean one day in the future my whole book became a toilet paper. You put it in the garbage.
Why will I take such a risk? Why? I can fake the people without putting myself in jeopardy…HE KNOWS! IT’S VERY EASY! HOW ABOUT BILL GATES? HOW DOES BILL GATES KNOWS? No…Do you know one…DO YOU BELIEVE BILL GATES? Ma Bill Gates? Which Bill Gates? HE CHANGED THE WHOLE WORLD! What does it have to do with Bill Gates now?
Ok now…I REQUEST THAT…One question I have for you is now. Do you know one human being that has the ability to look at 72% of the world? It’s very deep and to watch it simultaneously and to say this fish does not exist ever in the ocean. Do you know?
Rabbi Mizrachi! A person was able to write such a thing? Rabbi Mizrachi, lack of one thing, existence of one thing does not prove lack of another or existence of another…No! No! No! Please allow me to…look I did not question…
Just answer this question. Do you think a person was able to guarantee 3,300 years, in a book, that this species does not exist all over the world! Forever! No! Rabbi, Rabbi Mizrachi, this is assuming I believe that your claim that the Torah was written 3,300 years ago, is what I believe – I don’t! So!
How old do you think the Torah is old? How old? That … I’m not a scholar…The Torah is before the Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians. According to the whole world it was 2600 years ago. So according to Science, and according to the Nations, not the Jews, the Nations, everyone agree, that The First Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians, 2,600 years ago.
Ok….And the Temple was built based on the instructions only of the Torah, no other books. …and one more thing…King David, which is recognized by the whole world, even Muslims, and Christians, and all the other nations, lived, according to all opinions, 3,000 years ago, and his son King Solomon built the First Temple, 3,000 years ago. So the Torah had to be more than 3,000 years ago without any doubt, according to all over the world, all opinions, the Torah is at least 3,000 years old. Now I ask you. I’ll go with your assumption, that the Torah is only 3,000 years old…Because you cannot deny King David… I am not, I am not claiming it is, it isn’t, I don’t know.
King David existed or it’s a myth? Existed? He’s a part of the history…How long King David lived ago? I don’t know this…Well, how long? You tell me! The Babylonians… 3,000 years ago exactly! The Babylonians were the master of the world, 2,600 years ago. After them came Achashverosh, the Persian, the story a little bit after…and after the Greeks, and after that the Romans, so the history is pretty clear. Ok…
So according to all opinions, the Torah has to be more than 3,000 years old. Now, if I write today a fake book, and I give it to 50 people, forget 3 million, 50 here, right here in front of us, and I write, here is my book…If you ever find in this huge world, from 72 percent – miles and miles of depth that people cannot reach because of the pressure. You know, every 10 meter, the pressure doubles, it’s very, very…after you go to 30 or 40 meter it can blow up your head.
So nobody, 3,000 years ago was able to go 12 kilometer to the bottom of the ocean and to know which fish lives there and which fish does not live. So the risk that he took is a very, very uncalculated risk, very foolish. Everybody knows that a person doesn’t have such an ability to promise what’s in the ocean and what’s not in the ocean…
Because until today, we are discovering things in the ocean that we didn’t know exist. So he wrote – if you find one species that have scales and did not have fins, the Torah is over. Why? Because that’s gonna be a mistake in the Torah, in the Oral Torah, remember, not Written, Oral. The Oral Torah committed to that, which means all that you have to do, is to bring…
When was the Oral Torah written? The Oral Torah was given to Moshe Rabbeinu orally, verbally, the same day that he received the Written Torah, because inside the Written Torah, there are few verses that proves it. 1. It says these are the Torah’s, in plural, that I put in the hand of Moshe in Mount Sinai, and then, 3 times in the Torah it says, do as I showed you in the mountain, what did he show him has no record in the Written Torah. He said to him, make the Menorah as I showed you in the mountain.
Do this, as I showed you in the mountain…do that, as I showed you in the mountain…which mean, that he showed him information that are critical for the truth of the Torah, verbally. Now you may ask me, why God didn’t write everything in one book and finished! Why to give so much knowledge verbally? 99.9% of Judaism its Oral Torah.
The Written Torah only tell you the history and the name of the 600 commandments. It does not give one instruction how to keep the Sabbath. How to circumcise the baby? How to make Tefilin? How to make the holidays, nothing! Everything was transferred from Rabbi to student, from father to son.
Now, why God did not write everything in the book and finished? The answer, if everything would be written in one book the size of the book would be all the way from here to the end of over there, because you know, with the Talmud and all of the information of the Oral Torah, it’s too much, and remember, in the old days we didn’t have printing like today…
You know, today, when they let me pick up the Torah, I’m begging to God that it won’t fall from my hand because it’s very heavy…Now multiply it by a thousand, nobody in the history would be able to even pick up the Torah, so it’s not realistic…but the main reason is not what I told you, there are much better reasons for it. The reason is, Gentiles that want to join the Chosen People – the Jewish Nation – they have to go through a Conversion Process.
The way to do a Conversion Process is to start learning Judaism, the Thirteen Principles, and all the Laws and the Holidays, and everything…and after all of that, they have to come to the Jewish Court and to get tested, and after the Jewish Court approves them, they circumcise the male, they put him inside the Mikve, he goes in Chris he comes out Avraham, that’s how it goes. Now, now…You can smile! Very good! Now…so now, the point is like this. If the Goyim, the Gentiles, would have everything written in one book, they don’t need you, they don’t need me, they don’t need Rabbi, they don’t need any…
Everyone would know how to make Tefilin! … Everyone would circumcise his baby, everyone would learn Hebrew, everyone would know how to bake matza, in those days everyone had a beard, so right away, you go to a place in the world, somebody comes, what’s your name? Yosef, but it’s really Yusuf. It’s not Yosef. So he say to you, who are you? I am a Jew who came from this country. He has Tefilin, he has Mezuzot…he has everything that you have. There’s no way to know who is a Jew and who is not.
You know that! If someone has a beard and a yarmuka, even if he’s not Jewish, you would think he’s a Jew. There’s no way to know by the body.
Therefore, it would be the end of Judaism, before it even started, if every Gentile will have all the secrets of God, in one scroll, Judaism will be finished, before it even started, because all the world knows that the Jews received Torah…and everyone would want to join it; they will have everything to do it on their own. They don’t need the Beit Din to convert them, and nobody would know if he’s Jewish, today…you wouldn’t even know not if your Cohen or not, you wouldn’t even be able to know if you’re Jewish or not because that would reflect 3,000 years back in history, nobody would know what he is…
Rabbi while we can turn things to be good or to be bad, you could always say, if it was…everyone would have had an opportunity to become Jewish.
But, by the same token, God created all human beings. He created the Muslims, yes… the Christians, yes…the Atheists….all people…all of them…Right….and if he wanted more Jews, he would have had more Jews…he would have made that one to make more Jews….I don’t know what the reason would have been for it…
It’s written in the Torah, that’s what I told you before. All you have to do is to read the Torah once, and I promise you, that 99% of the questions you asked me today and the extra thousand questions that you have to ask me, it’s in the text of the Torah…
For instance, the Torah wrote, that you were supposed to be like the stars in the Universe, and the sand on the ground, but, I will spread you in all the nations…
The Jewish people are the only nation who are everywhere, all over the world – that was written 3,300 years ago. I will spread you in all the nations, and only very few of you will survive.
You will be the smallest nation, because you did not listen to me. And you are a nation that is subject to reward and punishment, and therefore, we started in the same generation like the Chinese people, after the Flood, 4,200 years ago, in Parashat Noach it says, that the Chinese was born, which was a grandson of Cham, Shem – We Jews, came from Shem.
Someone who hates Jews his name is anti-Semite – why? Because Shem was the righteous son of Noach, and the other two, they spread to Africa, and Europe…and we, Shem, was the uncle of the Chinese. The Chinese are 1.5 billion, and we the Jews 13.2 million. Why? The Torah predicted that. The Torah say, only few of you will survive. We should have been 4 billion Jews today.
The Torah already wrote that only few of us will survive. We are the smallest nation in the world. Now inside this verse, one second, I’ll let you answer. No…No…I ask a question and you answer something totally…Why? I answer to your question. No, out of respect for…You said God created all the people…of ‘course he created all the people.
I know, but you’re not addressing the question that I have! I want Korsa to ask you a question, out of respect, because I asked him to come…go ahead, go ahead…what’s the question. First of all, I really appreciate that you invite us, and that you talk to us, if we can talk, millions and millions a day, we can talk. Only, I want to ask you one question.
You told me this computer, everything you made it – somebody made it – the dress it doesn’t come by itself…who makes the G-d?
Oh! Very good question! Who made God? He says, based on what you say, every creation has a creator. Therefore, we can apply what you say as a proof to the question who made God? So let me answer you. The question that you ask, it’s a illegitimate question, and it comes out of ignorance in Judaism. Not chas veshalom, that you ignorant, I know that you are a very smart person, but, ignorance in Judaism, and let me explain to you what I mean.
In Judaism, there are something that called material and spiritual. Ruchani – Gashmi. Gashmi means material. Ruchani means spiritual…no material. Now…In the beginning of the Creation, the first word in the Torah means “In the beginning.”Bereishit Bara Elokim – In the beginning G-d created.
Albert Einstein already proven – even though the Ramban wrote it 700 years before him – but nobody knows the Ramban in the University, so Einstein got the credit. Albert Einstein already proven and wrote that time exists only where material exists. I’m sure you’re aware of it…where material exists, time exists. No material – No Time! Now – when the Torah begins – “In the beginning God created” – What does it mean in the beginning? Beginning means it’s subject to time. The answer of the Oral Torah is the creation of time!
Once, in a billionth of a second, when God created raw materials – stone, rocks, wood, everything that you have in the creation – from the minute that the first physical cell was created, time started to be measured. Until today, it’s continue every second – as you know. Now, when you go into something spiritual, time does not exist. Let me explain to you what it means.
You go to sleep. I’m sure it happens to…it happens to everyone, and after you fell asleep at midnight, a minute later, or five minutes later, you wake up, you sweat, you’re very nervous. You say to your wife, wow, what a horrible dream I just had… and she say to you, what did you dream? And you begin to tell her a story of 6 months. I was in a boat, in the ocean, we hit a rock, the boat got all wet, all the rice, all the Persian rice became all wet, and there was nothing to it. We froze. We’re trying to drink salty water, it made us more thirsty.
Then the sharks came, they bit my feet…and then I was almost dead, and a boat came, and the Arabs picked me up and they took me to Saudi Arabia, you know, and they were beating me up…and this Mohammad was torturing me every day, and your wife say to you. Excuse me! You’re only sleeping 4 minutes. You just say to me good night. You put your head, now it’s 12:04.
Please tell me, how in 4 minutes of time, when you didn’t even start to snore, how in 4 minutes you have 6 months, in details, with conversation, with events, that took, actually in reality 6 months. Because remember, 6 months it’s a long, long time, and it was fitted inside 4 minutes. The answer is, that the Torah says that when a person goes to sleep, a part of the soul comes out of the body.
The soul is divine, is a spark from God. The one who blew the soul into Adam’s nostrils put a part of himself, which is Divine and Eternal. This question, who created God, it’s not a relevant it’s not a legitimate question, because in Spirituality, there’s no time. There’s no beginning and end. Since there’s no, this question doesn’t come into the equation. There’s no such thing. God wrote in the Torah, I was always here, I will always be here. There’s no other God but me. You will never find another God under the earth and one above the sky.
There was no one before me. There will never be one before me. So he covered you from all directions, that you should know that these questions, is coming from not understanding, what’s the difference between material and spiritual. I hope I answered your question. Yes. How he find the material? How he made the material? Oh, so the Torah says: Yesh Miayin. How he find the stone? How he find the light?
No. What do you mean how he found it? He created the stone out of nowhere! You didn’t give me the answer. You didn’t give me the answer…Who created God? Because anybody who created God, that God has another creation. No, but I just told you about Spiritual God. You don’t ask….Anyway, I accept the God! And I love the God! No, no! I wanna ask you another question. Ok.
When the God create the whole Universe, after that he create all the animals, we say he find material, he find cells…right…he founded everything…he sit down…he make two eyes for somebody…for somebody he makes one eye, one hand….he created everybody.
Ok. I want to ask you…if you believe that God, He knows everything. He knows past. He knows front. Yes…He knows right hand, he knows left hand. He knows everything. Yes…He created every animal in the whole world, female and the male. Yeah. He created all the planted in the whole world, he’s the creator of the female and the male.
But why God decided only create Adam, without Chava? And Chas Veshalom, chas Veshalom, he changed his mind or he see he made a mistake. No such thing! Because all the animals we have… All the material you have it, everything you have it here, the female and the male…the locks…you have it female and male…right, right…the whole world has the female and male.
I got the question. Let me answer you! Because everything he knows….and he doesn’t need anything….the creation and everything….Yes! And he create all the animals! Yes. Why he decided to make the Adam only Adam?
I’ll answer you very simple. By the animals….I’m answering you….You didn’t give me an answer who create the God…I did…The question is not relevant, The same as not accepting Scientists…No, I answer you there’s a difference…No, no, I respect you, but I think he’s more qualified to answer…all right! Shhhh! Now…
I know I did…and I …I wanna relax all of you! It doesn’t really matter what I say or what he say…we love the God, we love everybody. It doesn’t matter what I say, what he say…It doesn’t matter.
It matters what the people who will watch us tomorrow online, will think, I made my point clear, or he made….it doesn’t matter if I tell him you didn’t prove to me.
If I know he proved to me, and I say, you didn’t prove to me, it’s not going to help me more than 5 minutes. Because tomorrow, all the people will watch it online, they will already know who prove to who, so let’s not get panic. Let the people decide if I answer or not. I just wanna answer him before I forget his question.
The answer to his question is like this. All animals do not have free choice. The Torah says the advantage of the human being from the animal is that he has a Divine soul, and he’s subject to reward and punishment based on the laws that God gave him, to do right or wrong. If he does right, he gets the good…reward; if he does wrong he will get punished.
By the animals, there’s no such thing. Animal lives by instinct. That’s why male and female by the animals are equal. There’s no need to make one from the other. However, male and female, by the animals, no, they are equal…I mean, not one is more important than the other…
Not one was made for the other. But when the Torah says that first Hashem made Adam, and he made him an assistant. In companies you need to know who the President is and who the Vice President is. When there is a disagreement with them, the President say the last word. If there are two Presidents in the company, the company goes bankrupt very fast.
God said – and he wanted all women to know it – it’s not that he’s chauvinist, he gave the women a lot of gifts and lots of credit, and he says their more wise than men, they deserve a lot of gifts, and help, and the future of the Jewish nation is in their hands and they are raising the children – he gives them a lot of gifts. But one thing he needed to make clear to the world, there is no room to women to come like today, like they do when they don’t have religion, we are the boss and the men will do what I say. That’s not the way it is!
Your life came from the DNA of Adam. You were created to serve and to help him. At the same time, you have to have love and the rest of the things, but you were made to serve him. “E’ase lo ezer kenegdo” – that’s why Adam was made first, and then you brought an assistant, just like me! When I started to give lecture, I did everything on my own. Now I have 10 assistant.
Baruch Hashem it keeps growing because I cannot take control. Who is more important me or my assistant? I am more important when it comes to proving, and to give speech. They help me. Without them I cannot work. But if you have to choose whose gonna give the speech me or them, you gonna chose me not them, they help me behind the scenes. Now if my assistant would come and say to me get out. I’m the boss right now. I’m gonna speak, it’s gonna be against the plan. That’s why God needed the women to know their place.
Now…I want just one more thing to say… Wait! Wait! One more thing, I wanna tell you something. Do you know, when you open the Torah, you can prove to yourself in 5 minutes that the Torah is divine, without me, do it at home.

Open the Torah, “Bereishit Bara Elokim” – All you need to know is the Hebrew Aleph Bet, you don’t need to understand what it means, just to know the Aleph Bet, that’s all…you take the word “Bereishit” – Taph, it finish with Taph – you take a pencil, make a circle, count 49 letters, you get Vav. Count 49 letters, you get Reish. Count 49 letters you get Heh.

The word Torah is hidden in the beginning of Torah in Mathematical Code. 49 is a holy number. 7 x 7 everything in Judaism is revolved around 7, because 7 symbolize going out of material.
Everything material have 6 dimensions… 7 is coming out of the material world into a Spiritual, Divine world. That’s why everything in Judaism is 7 – 7 – 7.

All the Customs, all the Holidays, everything 7. Now, if you go to Exodus, “V’eile shemot Bnei Yisrael” – those are the names of the Jews that came out of Mitzrayim. “Eileh Shemot, it finish with Tav, circle the Tav with a pencil, count 49 letters, you get vav, 49 letters reish, 49 letters heh. Then you got to Leviticus – Vayikra. The name of G-d, in equal skip of 7 – Yud – Heh – Vav and Heh – if you want, I can email you right now, the slides and you can see it – and you can see it on my Torah and Science on the screen.

Then you got to Numbers – Bamidbar. The name of the Torah, this one – this time, in reverse from left to right. Taph – 49 letters reverse, Vav – 49 letters reverse, Reish – 49 letters reverse, Heh.

Then you go to Deuteronomy – Devarim. The Torah – again, from left to right. Taph – 49 letters – Vav – 49 letters Reish – 49 letters Heh. Now we have a Menorah, 5 candles. The center, which is also the base, is God. Yud – Heh – Vav and Heh – in equal skip of 7. Torah, from right to left, in equal skip of 49…Torah from left to right in Hebrew, equal skip…so two come from right to left, and from left to right, towards the middle, and the center of the world is, God himself.

Now, when I say to you before, and I did not finish because you had to say something. There was a critical sentence that I almost said but you cut me, but now, Baruch Hashem I did not forget it. When the Torah said to the Jews I’ll spread you all over the world, you will worship over there fake religions.

The Religion of the Wood and the Religion of the Rock – that’s a verse in the Torah. Now, here comes myself, and I say, well, you see, the Torah knew there will be Christianity, there will be Islam, fake religions and Jews will fall into it… as we see today. Now you would come and tell me, that’s not a scientific proof, and you’re right.

You would come and say, that’s your assumption. You decided that The Religion of the Wood is Christianity…Knock on Wood…Even though it’s nice, nice idea, but it’s not scientific proof, I agree…and then you would come and say to me…The Religion of the Rock – you decided that it’s Mecca. The big rock that the Muslims go to Saudi Arabia, and they have this big rock over there. But, it’s also nice, but it’s not Scientific, and here you are right again. But, on the third thing, you cannot be right, what is it?

Inside this verse – Think about it! This was written 1300 years before Christianity, and 1800 years before Islam. Inside this verse, that warn the Jews not to worship the Religion of the Wood and the Religion of the Rock, they are two codes: JC and Mecca. Mem 49 letters, kaph 49 letters, Heh. Yeshu, Yud, Shin, Vav! Yud 49 letters Shin, 49 letters Vav.

The only verse in the Torah, that warn the Jews, do not worship fake religion – the Religion of the Wood, the Religion of the Rock…

After I will spread you all over the world, you may want to worship it. I’m warning you not to worship this Religion…they Idol Worshipper – Be Careful!

It’s planted inside the text. Nobody knew back then whose gonna be Mecca and whose gonna be JC! He wasn’t even born. He will only be born 1300 years later.

Inside that text, there is hidden codes, which I can show you if you doubt me, right now, on the screen. Mecca – Mem, Chaf, Heh. Yeshu – Yud, Shin, Vav – in equal mathematical skip.

Do you know what statistically the chance that something like this will fall accidentally in a book that have 304,805 letters, exactly, in the only verse from almost 6,000 verses? Exactly over there! In equal skips of 49! 1 to 680 million! That’s the statistic. You still think it’s coincidence? A person was able to know about JC? Rabbi!

A person was able to know about Mecca? Rabbi! Was able to or no? I love you, and I have to go! I also have to go – to the bathroom! You didn’t give me the answer. I did! How they created woman, they never created!

From the DNA, and from that he created it! The only animal in the whole world, is not creation of the God, its’ creation from us. Right!

Yeah. If he knew that, why he did it? You didn’t give me the answer. I did give you the answer! You told me…Let the people decide! Because…Because Hashem wanted the women to know, that…their only existence came from the man…they came from the actual rib of the man, and Hashem made him an assistant, an Ezer Kenegdo. Why?

First of all, you have to know one thing…to ask, why the sky is blue? The answer: Because God wanted so. To ask why God made us with nose like this, and not all the way to the wall, because that’s what he wanted.

Why he wanted us to have hair – Black, Blonde and Silver? Because that’s what He wanted! He could also make it orange, he could made it yellow, there’s’ many many questions like this that there’ no end to these questions…

But that’s not leading anywhere! That’s what happened that’s what the Torah say that happened. When you come in front of God after 120 years, I encourage you to say…

Dear God! You made my wife from my rib. My grandfather. Can you tell me why? Why you not Feminist enough? Why you gave her existence thanks to me?

I wanna finish my point of the argument, and then you can conclude yourself. By giving you one last proof for today…

[01:51:07.22] and I’m gonna give you Bezrat Hashem some of my CDs, and you and I, I’m sure that we’re gonna stay good friends, and we’ll continue…yes….yes and that’s the way we should keep it because it’s above everything. I just wanna give you the last proof for today, and of course, like I told you, in the CD, I have 30 or 40 extra proofs over there, which I’m sure, that will give you enough things to think about…

But let me give you the last proof. You know, as a Scientist, as a person who admires Science…you know, that until Galileo Galilei, all the people in the world believed that there’s between 6 to 8 thousand stars.

There’s no way to know. No telescope, nothing…One day, in 1608, Galileo Galilei, which was a world famous Scientist, back then, 400 years ago.

He invented a Telescope – some say Hubble started it three years earlier…and he finished it…it’s not relevant.

Galileo was the first one in history that we know, that had a major serious telescope six feet wide.

When Galileo Raised his telescope to the sky, the world was shocked.
Everyone thought – there’s maximum 8,000 stars because there’s no way to see more.
Nobody dreamed there’s billions! When Galileo raised it, people just found out that there’s a lot more than what we thought. From then on, until today, of ‘course, Science keeps developing.
Today, if you go to the Encyclopedia, the number of the stars in the Universe is 1 to the power of 19, which means a 19 digit number.
Now, you have to agree with me, that 2,000 years ago, when there was no equipment like we have today, no satellites, no mega-computer, because nobody was able to write, to…to count, a number of 19 digits. One to the power of 19? One to the power of 19. One to the power of 19…I’ll show you the exact number. Why? Noooo! Ten to the power…ten to the power of 19. Excuse me. I’m sorry! Correction, 10 to the power of 19. You are right! Ten to the power of 19, I can tell you the exact number, if you want. I’ll show you the exact number, here it is, let me go to it, and then you can see.
Now, you have to agree with me on one thing. Nobody can doubt that…that 2,000 years ago when the Talmud was written,in the time of Chazal and the Knesset Ha’gedola, nobody could dream there more than 8,000 stars because there’s no way to know
If there’s no God. If there’s no Torah, and the people just counting, they stand on a mountain and count it manually, maximum, 8,000 stars.
No way to know more than that, without a telescope, a major telescope! Now, even today, if we wanted to count them manually, we won’t live enough. Do you know to count 10 to the power of 19, do you know what a number, what a trillion. It will take us forever to count them, and plus, how do we know they exist? You have to take pictures of all the galaxies, you need satellites, it’s very complicated.
This is what the Torah says, the Nation of Israel came to God, this is the Gemara, the Talmud, you can write it down, Masechet Berachot, page 32, which is Oral Torah, again. The Gemara say, the nation of Israel came to God and said,
Dear God, a person get remarried, and he never forget his ex-wife. How did you forget us completely and neglected us? That was after the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans. Happens twice already, Babylonians, the Romans. So the Jewish Nation were devastated. Horrible time in history. So they ask God, they say, Dear God, why did you forget us?
Why did you neglect us completely?
And the Gemara writes like this. And God answered to the Nation of Israel, Biti – My daughter! Twelve sections I created in universe, and in each section I created 30 army, and in each army I created 30 legions, and in each legion I created 30 raton, and in each raton I created 30 karatot. And in each karato I created 30 gistera, and in each gistera, I hung 365,000 ribo. Ribo in Hebrew means revava – 10,000 – 4 – 5 digits.365 thousand ribo – 5 more digits – and all of – 365 is six digits – no – 365,000 ribo. Ribo Revava means 10,000 and up…5 digits. Now 365,000 times, multiplied by 10,000.
Now let me read it to you, that you don’t catch me inaccurate by 1 percent, we wanna make it very, very clear. So here is, here is my proof, right here. I’m gonna give, I’m gonna give you the math…I’m gonna give you the exact math, and you’re more than welcome to come to my side and look at the math.
But you don’t even need that. You just take my Torah and Science DVD or you go on my website and you can see it in front of your eyes. But, here it is, this is what it is, let me just find it quickly – give me a min…ok. Here you go, so now, let’s do the calculation together. Twelve by the way, it’s the horoscope.
The earth goes around the sun, one year; it finishes cycle, 365 days. Every month it moves 30 degree. By the end of the year it finishes 360 degree, which is a full circle. And, we can see, that it says 12 sections, so if you look at the Universe, the Universe is a shape, a round shape, and it goes, in like slices of pizza – 12 different slices – and in each one of them, there’s x amount of stars.
But not only that it gives us 10 to the power of 19 in the Torah, which you are going to see in a minute…the scientist – and I’m going to give you his name – that discovered that, the scientists that discovered that describe it exactly like the Talmud wrote…and he’s not Jewish, not a Rabbi, never learned Gemara, it’s all based on Science, which you admire very much, but that’s an objective Science, which I also admire very much.
There’s only one difference between you and me. You admire all kinds of Science. I only admire objective accurate Science, not Speculative Science. No, you only believe your own Scientists…No! Yes! You call your Scientists that you believe….50 years ago if they say to you, you can see your family in the…do you believe them? Wait! One second, let’s not get out of my…
No, no, no! I believe you…Here you go! 12, here you go! Here is now…ok, so I’ll read it to you. Thank you very much…Here is what I read to you.
Stay 2 more minutes and then you can leave.
In the year 1990, Dr. T Brewhurst, from Queen Mary College in London, had a research with the help of mega computer, it’s the size of a building each computer, and found, there are 10 to the power of 19, as you can see right here, 10 to the power of 19, stars in the universe, that was in 1990, 24 years ago. This discoveries, this is what he wrote, he wrote that there are Constellations, and inside the Constellations, there are hosts, and inside the hosts, there are legions, and inside the legions, there are divisions, and in each one of the divisions there are battalions, and in each one of the battalions there are camps, and in each one of the camps there are stars.
So he breaks it to 1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 – 7 sections, which one is inside the other…one, inside the other, inside the other, inside the other – seven different categories. Now, let’s do the math. The math is – the math is….calculation. But what is this from fluid? Wait, wait, wait!!!
Write it down, write it down…And you’re already quoted, you already quoted, another Scientist, which I totally disagreed with, but, you know, at least, at least, to the knowledge that I have,
I don’t know what this guy, this, you know 25 years ago, technology, those room size computers, had less knowledge, and power, and capability, than this, so that’s irrelevant. What was known 25 years ago, and what’s known today – we’re not talking about him – You’re missing the point completely!
I’m surprised – Give me a number – Do you think I, do you think I care about what Dr. T Broadhurst said, from Queen Mary College?
I’m very surprised at you! Wait! – No, no, no…I just want to take you back 2,000 years ago, when the only way was to take 8,000 stars maximum,and tell me who was able to write in the Oral Torah, that there are 10 to the power of 19 stars.
Imagine, if NASA, today would prove there are only 50,000 stars. Judaism would be over!
Who would write such a thing? I created 12 sections, in each section, 30, 30, 30, 30…365,000 – 10,000, which is 7 sections, and here you go…Today, 24 years ago, the scientists found that there are 10 to the power of 19 stars.
Now wait! Wait! I promise you all the time you need to comment on it. Just give me one more 30 seconds! That’s it!
Now! I really don’t care what Dr. T Broadhurst found! And if somebody comes tomorrow and he say that he found 10 to the power of 21 – I don’t care!
For one reason – Why? They themselves admit, that every time the satellites will take pictures of all the Galaxies from all different angles, every time they will repeat the research, they will come with a different number, because …exactly, so we agree on that, I’m not denying it, and I know…
No, no, no, no! It’s not that they come up with a different number. No, the computer will count different numbers…
No, no, no. There is no computer counting anything! Sure there is! No, no, no! That’s what I say to you. Computer count all the dots.
All the pictures from the satellite came, and the computer were able to count all of them!
No, no! My dear Rabbi! There was no computer 25 years ago that could count stars. 1990…it was the size of a building. No, no, no! You are not getting it! Mega Computer!
No, no, no, no! The computer from 25 years ago, the Mega Computers, did not have as much power as a small computer today! But that’s not the issue!
According to Scientists, they know that the number of stars is in the billions. No one really gave a specific number. ..Beautiful! We agree on that! We agree on that! And also…yeah, yeah!
These are the claims that they are making. That Universe is expanding. There is a numerous number of universes that they can’t count. Right! And they are growing! Right, right!
Therefore, even if you gave a number – yeah – even if somebody came with a number. You’re just repeating what I already agreed on. There’s no point.
I already told you whatever they say it’s not relevant! Only one thing it’s relevant! Please try to go to the bottom of what I say!
There’s only one thing its relevant…. 400 years ago, nobody in the whole world would even dream, to write that there is such a number of stars, whether it’s a billion, whether it’s a trillion.
Nobody would dream. People would only count few thousand stars – end of story! Here in the Talmud, it was written 2,000 years ago, with no Mega Computer, with no laptop, with no calculator,
with no satellite, with no camera…no camera that can even take picture of one star. No! So there was no way to know how many stars in the world.
The question is, who would write in the Talmud, which is Oral Torah, such a strange thing, unless if he really knows such a thing. ..Who would write such a thing?
If all you saying is correct – and I have no knowledge. ..I gave you all the names, you can go and Google it! No, no! I’m not questioning you. All I’m telling you is that I don’t know.
I’m saying, assuming I accept all you say, yeah…and I’m not questioning it…besides the fact that they are irrelevant, I’m accepting, that there are many intelligent people, throughout history, who came and they did wonderful things….what intelligent person knows the future?
What intelligent person knows what’s gonna be in 2000 years from now?
Rabbi by proving the existence of one thing we cannot use that as a base of existence of another
Not necessarily! Sometimes it is possible. If I prove there is light here I prove at the same time there is no darkness here
No! No! You can assume…It’s possible…It could be a theory or it could be as in scientific theory. First of all I just want for some of the audience… I really want this to be enlightening. I want us to find out, I probably me more than him and him than me. We want to be enlightened. We want to understand the reasoning behind these things. Because, according to Jewish religion
You are not a good Jew unless you question. So, it’s our duty to question and until…until we are convinced we are gonna continue questioning. But having said that what I really …let me offer you something…Allow me …let’s meet here once a week in this shul with the permission of Mr. Zamir. Let’s meet here once a week with Assil and all the other Gentleman and we learn one two hours a week I come over here
You come every week with all your questions and we will learn. And, you ask me how do we know this…when will it finish? We don’t have to finish as long as we make progress.
No! No and having said that one, I really never came here to convince anyone to believe otherwise, as I just want to see what the answers according to the Torah to certain things. Look you were just talking about Adam and Eve…
Was G-d having the same value system in the beginning as He or She has now? No definitely not. Value system changed? Changed from the minute the Torah was given to humanity it went up a lot from what it was before.
G-d changed…not changed. From the minute He gave His Book we found out the total purpose of the creation and what G-d wants from the Jewish people. Now you ask me what about the Gentiles?
They don’t have to follow the same purpose? The answer is no. The Torah says no. Let’s say does G-d, did G-d ever approve an incest creation like a brother and sister mating? Did G-d ever? In the beginning it was allowed. In the beginning it was allowed? Before the time of Noah it was allowed. Kayin and Hevel were born, the Oral Torah teach that Kayin was born with two twins… Hevel was born with two twins and Kayin with one and that’s one of the reasons that he murdered him.
And it’s proven scientifically that we are here in different reincarnations and you can hypnotize a person and he can speak different languages that he had in his previous lives. And the answer is like this, Judaism is an ocean it’s not one, two, three hours learning. People learn in yeshiva70, 80 years and they still tell you they don’t know 1% of the ocean of knowledge.
So, therefore it’s gonna be ridiculous to think between 1 or 2 or a 1000 hours that we are gonna seat and learn you and I will know everything we don’t know everything. But, we do know the foundations. We know very important things to know.
We know that the Torah has thousands of things in it that every person that use judgment and common sense know that a person was unable to know it. And the Torah refer to us, to you as a Cohen you are much more important than me. You come from Moshe and Aharon.
The Torah refer to us that there is, I am giving to you today the life and the good…the bad and the death. And you should choose the good. Which means you could choose the bad. I am not interfering with your free choice. But, in the end everything will be heard and everyone will get judged for good and bad based on the choices that he made. He donated he’ll get a reward. He stole he’ll get punished.
He kept the Sabbath he’ll get a reward. He did not keep he’ll get punished. And, there are many, many things in the Torah. Now, again to prove the Torah, I suggest you take my “Torah and Science” I am sure you, you are intelligent so you will be curious to see what’s in it.
There are millions of different codes inside the Torah that no person was able to plant without changing the text. Because, if I tell you my dear friends. I want you to write to me one page in a book. One page describes to me what happened to you from the day you came to this country until today in one page. But, at the same time I want you to write inside that text many hidden codes that telling me about Menachem Begin, and about Sadam Hussein and about George Bush and about Steven Hawking’s.
And plant many stories one inside the other in equal scientific mathematical skip without changing your life story. In a billion years you and all the scientists in the world combined you will not be able to write such a page. In a billion years.
I, I totally respect you Rabbi but, but, but with all due respect I…you can always alter what happened and interpret it otherwise.
You cannot alter the math, equal, equal mathematical skills…Allow me, allow me to ask the question…Yeah
If you made the same statement about 20 years, 10 years from now…You told me 10 years from now based on the same math. According to you it exists. That’s a different claim. But, going back in history and saying those and this means …and however we can manipulate numbers however one wants.
This means this. That’s a different story. I am not saying it’s correct. I am not saying it’s incorrect. But, I am saying you can make that claim if you predict the future not tell us about the past. The past is gone.
No! No! …And then you go back and this man, that…No! No! That’s the whole point! That’s the whole point. If I am giving you a book today and in a thousand years from today you open the book and you see what’s going to see what is going to happen a thousand years from now. Which, I now don’t know. I have no idea. Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow
Well, doesn’t it say in the Torah? That’s what I am saying to you. Did you know that the murder of Yitzchak Rabin is described in the Torah in codes? And, the murderer that his name Yitzchak ah Yigal Amir and Yitzchak Rabin has a mutual ר? No! No! No! Wait! Wait! Mutual ר! But again you are going somewhere…. Mutual ר! In hidden codes. Mathematics! No again…Math. Math Science! Math! According to….No! No! Show the math and the science to apply 10 years from now. Not 20 years ago?
I don’t get…What am I missing here I don’t get it? You are missing my question.
He doesn’t understand the depth of your proofs. You are proving your point over and over again. You don’t understand! You don’t understand! No! No! No! Maybe you did. Maybe it’s my fault…wait…wait…it’s my fault. It’s my fault because I did not explain to him what codes are.
That’s…We are limited in time. I should have explained to him the whole concept of codes in a book that predict events that will take in the future. I want to show you…I wanna show you…Rabbi! Rabbi you and I sat before, a lot of this…I don’t know if you remember I recall now. How long ago? Badadadian’s house. Aha that was 10 years ago…No! Not that long…when I still had black hair you mean…
Maybe when I had black hair…no…no…no… You and I had conversation before. It was joyful then and it’s joyful now. Look the idea is not …no when someone says you don’t get it it’s not their depth…it’s not lack of intelligence…it’s not lack of …it’s not …we are not dealing with idiotic approaches. I’m…I’m…I read a lot. I study a lot. Maybe not the Torah, but, I wanna understand things for different purpose, for a different reason.
Now when you tell me, let’s say, when I ask you specific things and you assume, and your audience probably accept the answers but, I am not sold on it. You already had them sold but I am not sold on it. You already had them sold but you didn’t sale me, and, your challenge is to sale me not to sale them because people that are in essence believers they accept.
All the questions I asked you tonight, not one of them you answer with yes or no, at least now, do me a favor, answer with yes or no.
A human being, he knows absolutely the future of the world in details, yes or no? Human being…I don’t! Human being, any human being knows the future? Ok.
A human being, is able to write a book with 305,000 letters almost, which you know how thick is the Torah. And inside each chapter to write about thousands of thousands of events, in equal mathematical code skip, planted inside the text, without changing the thousand years of history that the book is talking about.
Which means, I am writing about 1,000 years of events, and inside what I wrote, I actually wrote about thousands of others. Which means, let me give you an example what I am talking about.
“And God said to Moses, one day you lay with your father, and this nation will rebel against me, and turn into a fake God. In the Nations that they would live upon them, and they would leave me, and break my Covenant that I made with them, and I will be very angry at them, at that day, and I would leave them, and I will close my face to them, and the enemies will eat them, and many tragedies will come to them.
And the Nations would say, these tragedies are happening to us because there is no God upon us. That’s why all these things are happening to us. I’m translating to you word by word and the end of it….and I will close my face, at that day, for everything that they did to me, I will pay them back.
Now, in this one, is a description of the horrible Holocaust that we had in Germany. How do I know? We had many different Pogroms, and many other tragedies. How do I know he’s talking about Hitler and his friends?
How do I know? Very simple. Inside that text, it’s in Deuteronomy 31, verse 16-18, remember! It’s written, it’s recorded, you can know where it is.
And God say to Moshe, you take the heh of Moshe, circle it with a pencil, count 49 letters, you get shin, count 49 letters, you get vav, count 49 letters, you get aleph, count 49 letters you get heh.
Hashoa! The Holocaust! Now you tell me please, and please, a straight, honest answer! 3,000 or 3,300 years ago, doesn’t matter, it’s plenty of time. Someone wrote a book. He claimed that he’s God. He claimed he is the Creator of the world.
He claimed he made a Covenant with the Jewish people in a public event. He gave them the Torah. Torah in Hebrew means instruction, and he told them to never, never, break the Covenant that I made with you. I chose you from all the nations to be mine. You represent me, and you are my children.
Banim Atem LeHashem Elokeichem, and a Kohen, extra special! Special of special! And that’s what you are – and hopefully, you will understand what it means one day, because until now you are not sure what does it means to be a Cohen, because if you knew how lucky you are, you would run here in the street and scream, thank you God for making me the chosen, of the chosen, of all the people in the world, from 7.5 billion people, I’m one of few thousands, and at the top of the Pyramid.
Here is what the Torah says! They will leave me! I will turn the Gentiles against them, they will have tragedies. They will scream – Where is God? There is no God! Look what’s going on here! I close my eyes! I will not be with them! I would leave them!
Inside the text, the Holocaust – in equal mathematical skip! It cannot be coincidence! Mr. Hakakhian! It cannot be coincidence! Please, you have to be honest. It cannot be coincidence! That in a book that is given in a public event, and is a book of God, and it’s over there he say, one day I would leave you, and the Gentiles will murder you in a Holocaust, and the tragedy – and inside the text, he know, this modern word…nobody knew the word Holocaust until 70 years ago! That’s a modern word!
The same thing he wrote about AIDS. Where? In a chapter that speaks about Homosexuality! AIDS in equal mathematical skip! And Shabbat – “And the nation of Israel observed the Sabbath.”
In this verse, the word Israel appears in equal, mathematical skip of 7, because it’s talking about the 7th day. That’s math? That’s Science! No speculation! That’s! You have to agree on one thing, come on! You can’t be so stubborn!
No, no, no, no! We are gonna agree probably on a lot of things, my issue is not to agree or not to agree! My issue is to understand the logic of certain things. When you go…when something happens and you find a verse, and you turn it, and you count it, and you do…and you make it sound like, as though it was stated before., rather than, what can be….
Why can’t we read one of these verses, and off of it, since you know the coded… Yeah! …All the codes are here, maybe predict when is the next Holocaust is gonna be. Yeah!
First I have news for you! Sometimes you can predict the future…Let me tell you. In the first war with Saddam Hussein, and George Bush, the father – I had the privilege to meet the professor who developed the software that finds codes in the Torah Professor Eliyahu Rips.
He came to Columbia University. He is one of the top 5 mathematicians in the world was a Russian, Communist, Anti-Torah! And after he was paid to develop software to search for codes in the Torah, he became ultra, ultra-religious. More than you and me – 10 times more combined!
And he became very, very religious – he was Atheist, Communist, Scientist, one of the best in the world and I have a list of a hundred like this. Which, if you want, I’ll give it to them, the greatest Jewish brain, that became religious as a result of searching the Torah!
And this is what he asked me – I lived in Manhattan back then – can you go bring him food? He doesn’t know where to get kosher food, and this is what he said…
I said to him, why don’t you publish it? That is gonna be billions of dollars discovery – Nobody knew about it. It just came out! He said to me, I don’t care…I want other people…I said, but people will steal it from you – it’s the biggest discovery in history.
Do something about – he said, I don’t care, I want people to publish it, and he didn’t care to money. He wanted, he gave it for free!
His whole goal was, the goal was, that he wants the world to know that the Torah is Divine, because a person cannot plant such codes and know the future. But I’ll tell you something – what we did know.
When Sadam Hussein got an ultimatum to come out of Kuwait. If I remember correctly, I think it was February 15, if I remember correctly.
But it’s not relevant! Sadam Hussein, George Bush, and the Coalition, they told him. You have by the 15th to get out. If you don’t come out by the 15th, we will attack you.
Sadam invade Kuwait! So, Professor Rips and Dr. Doron Vitztum, two Israeli Scientists, from the Hebrew University, they told us, we knew, I knew. I’m, the little puppet, I knew before the whole world, that Sadam Hussein will not be attacked on the 15, on the 16, on the 17. I knew it’s gonna be on 18th.
How did I know? When George Bush announced the date -they put the date in Hebrew date, in the computer, and they saw that the event doesn’t come out. The date…They put George Bush, the computer search, and found it in equal mathematical skip.
They put Sadam Hussein – Sadam in Hebrew, you write with Tzadik. The Iraqi, even the Persian, when they say Tza – they say Sa!
They don’t know how to say Tza! You know so Sa – Sadam – it’s Tzadik. It came tazdik – daled – aleph – mem- Hussein. In equal mathematical skip….yeah, of ‘course, but Saddam, Saddam, the Iraqi, like Rav Tzadaka, his name is Sadka! That’s how they pronounce it.
So what happened? So we put – “Milchemet Hamifratz,” “The Gulf War” – George Bush – Sadam Hussein, all of them came in the same page.
So now we know there’s connection. We put the 15th of February, and don’t catch me on the date because it may have been January, we put it, the computer didn’t find. We put the 16th of February – translating it to Hebrew date, it didn’t find.
Put the 17th, it didn’t find. We put the 18th – Boom! It came! So he said, I’m telling you already don’t worry, the war won’t start tomorrow, and not the next day, and not the next day, the following day the war will start, and that’s how it was!
So we see that sometimes, even though you’re limited, because you need to have a beginning. I give you an example! Right now I put AIDS, I find the computer would find it in Parashat Noach,that’s speaking about Sodom and Gomorrah, that God destroyed all the wicked people. Now the AIDS is appears in a chapter that speaks about Homosexuality, which shows you there’s no coincidence.
[2:22:25:12] However, AIDS will never have a cure. I spoke to Professor Rubinstein. We used to make seminars together 18 years ago. He is the one who invented the word HIV.
He is the Professor who named AIDS, AIDS! Professor Rubinstein from Einstein Hospital in the Bronx, and I spoke to him in lunch, and I ask him, do you think there will be a cure to the AIDS? He told me, cure no, vaccine maybe – Yes!
We only focusing on vaccine that it won’t enter into the body, why? Because its mutation, it keeps changing. You attack one it changes to another – and he knows how to hide…
That’s – by the way – how he became religious. He was complete Atheist, Scientist…one of the biggest doctors in the world – Professor Rubinstein, he met with the President, got budget for the research of the AIDS.
They put him I think, if I remember, in Science Magazine or in Time Magazine, one of the top doctors in the world. A very important person! By research AIDS – He became religious!
He says, because all other viruses behave in one way, like nature, and this virus, is clever like people. He knows how to change – that’s against the Law of Nature!
And that’s what got him to think, maybe after all, there is a God, and he punished the wicked people… and started to search, 3 days, argument! Not 2 hours – 3 days!
And he became fully religious and moved to Monsey. Until today he is there! But! But! This is what the interesting part is… Let’s say tomorrow, they will announce on CNN, that they invented a medicine for AIDS – Vaccine – once you get it, you can never get it!
Now, you may come and say to me…Nu! How didn’t you find it in the Torah before they found it? I say to you, come, I’ll show you that it’s in the Torah! I’ll put the name of the medicine; let’s say they call the medicine Rubinstein…
So, I put the name, the computer will find it in the same page – no question about it! So you ask me – but…ahhh… big deal! Now you know, after you heard, what’s the medicine, now you know how to find it in the Torah?
So my answer will be to you – Come on! Who cares when I found it – it was all along in the Torah! God already put it in the Torah. I just did not know what to look for!
No, no, no, no, no! I didn’t know where to look for! Exactly! That’s the whole thing! According to you…But it was in the Torah! No, no, no… according to you, I’m questioning, because when you say, you can write a program, to calculate, based on certain things. These are all Mathematical…simple Math!
Any word, based on any sequence, into how many words did you say is in Torah? They check 130 books – I’m answering your question – yeah, I got your question! I got it! They put 130 books – include New Testament, Koran, and Moby Dick, New York Times…they did not find…how many sentences – how many verses do we have? Ok…ok….We have about, almost six thousand verses…six thousand verses…but, wait…what do you think, the Scientists didn’t do what you say?
You have to give those Scientists, which are the best brains in the world, a little bit more credit, that the first thing, before they publish in Statistical Science, an article about what they found, that they checked many other books to see, that in other books you don’t have the same!
No! So they wrote, so they wrote…In other books, we found random codes. What does it mean random? In a combination of 300,000 letters, of course you’re going to find…you’re gonna find your name, you’re gonna find my name…
But how do you know if it’s planned or it’s random? The closer the letters are, and they all fall in the same page, you put your name – it comes in one page, you put your wife’s name, it comes in the first page. …you put your children’s names; it comes on the same page, in equal mathematical skip.
You put your residence, your street, all kinds of things that connects to you. If one letter is in the beginning of the book, one letter is in the middle of the book, and one letter is in the end of the book, it’s random! That can happen, no problem!
But if all in one page… For instance, we are coming soon to Tu Beshvat. Tu Beshvat is the holiday of all the fruits, vegetables in the Torah.
We have more than 50 words – Barley, Wheat, Apples, Grapes – everything that grows on trees, we put inside the Torah. The Torah found all of them on one page – which page? The page that God said to Adam, I’m giving you, and I’m putting you in Garden of Eden to reserve it, and to maintain it, which means, it’s all under your supervision.
The page in the Torah that speaks about trees in the Garden of Eden – in that page – and it cannot be coincidence again, more than 50 words, in equal mathematical skip, in the same page that connects to fruit, of gardens of trees.
It’s not possible that something like this…Now! If it would be, some here, some there, some there, like Christians also try to fake.
Yeah…we also found in New Testament, but if you know how to check it, you see right away that it’s a scam, because they find one letter here, one letter there, and one letter in the end! That’s not what I’m talking about! All the codes that I spoke to you are all in one page! Here! The Holocaust, one page! The Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah, and the name of God, all in one page.
The…everything….AIDS, one page! All the events of the George Bush and Sadam – in one page! It can never, ever be…Never, Scientifically, and statistically, can never be, without a Divine Power that wrote that book!
Because not you, and not me, and not Hawking’s, and not Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, and not Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, and not anyone you want, can write such a book, and put millions of codes inside, in equal mathematical skip, and know all the future. No one besides God!
The main, the main issue, you know, about the claims that are in Torah, about the timing, is the biggest question, and then you deny Science, you just say…I don’t deny Science. Yes you do! No, I don’t!
I deny Speculative Science. Speculative…Well, you can name it like that, you can name this one car… it doesn’t become a car. I can name it whatever I want! It’s the burden of proof on you to prove to me that the Science that you believe in, prove anything!!!!!
Rabbi! So far you fail to do so! No, no, no, no! To the contrary! You do not supply me with any proof! No, no, no! I did not come with proof! But! I’m waiting! This is something that I am comfortable with….
Show me a proof! I give you my word. If you show to me a scientific proof….How do you mean show to me? Ok! Email, Facebook! No, no, no, no, from?
You have to send me…You claim that you have a solid, objective, Scientific proof to the exact age of the world. Not based on Carbon Dating – which is speculation, or based on extrapolations. That’s how they measure it! No, but that’s speculations! That is not…
Do me a favor! Do yourself a favor….Do yourself a favor, put in my website, Fingerprints of the Creation, by Robert Gentry, and you’ll never dare to ask this question ever again!
Rabbi! When you say, and all Scientists believe that Dinosaurs are from Ancient years ago, and you are claiming they are from Noah time, and then you call your scientific, and you prove it, and you call the other ones speculative….
I don’t call myself Science, I never…No, no, no, no! I never claim that what we know comes from Science! I’m saying your beliefs. I’m saying your beliefs! From the Torah! From the Torah! No, no, no – please don’t change the…I’m saying, you’re saying, that let’s say the dinosaurs – they existed 3,000 – 4,000 years ago.
Before 4,200 years …5,000 – whatever the number! And Science…Scientists. When I say Science, I’m talking about majority, and I’m not talking about 51 percent from majority. I’m talking about 98 percent of the Scientists…believe otherwise.
And you say, well those are speculative, and the two Scientists out of the hundred, that I’m talking about say this….
It’s so simple, and you make it so complicated! I gave you a candy today – you don’t get it! I’m only telling you! All you have to do is send me one email, with one research, by any name you want, you name it. Scientist X, Scientist Y! University X! University Y!
That proven ever the age of the world, and the argument is over! That’s all! What do you want more than that! You will not – and I promise you, you will never send me anything, because 20 years I tell people to send me, include Scientists, and they fail to do so.
Because there are none! There is none! No! You’re calling it speculative! Of ‘course! Ok – let me tell you something! Ok – I didn’t want to get into it but you’re forcing me.
Do you know how they calculate the age of the world? What’s the three most frequent methods that the Scientists do, use, to calculate the age of the world? I don’t know about Carbon Dating!
Carbon Dating, Extrapolation and Cause! Ok, now here he goes. Extrapolation means, you check how much a material grew from point X to point Y, in X amount of years, and you do the math.
If this material is that size, you go back, back, back, back, that gives you x amount of years that the world exists.
Carbon Dating, it shows, that every 683 years, the Carbon 14 is doubled inside the object. Which means, Carbon Dating, if you know, by the highest methods that they ever found, there are a few problems with this speculation…
One, in different parts of the world, the formula is not accurate, depends if it’s cold, if it’s hot, if it’s frozen…that’s one thing.
Second, when God created the world, there is nowhere in the world, or nowhere in Judaism, that he wrote to you with how much Carbon 14, he created each material.
That’s where the Scientists are forced to speculate, and each one puts a different number, and they all come with different conclusions! That’s not Science! Excuse me! That’s speculation! You and I can do the same thing!
I encourage you! I encourage you! Look! Look! These are all the Scientific, all these scientific bases are used to advance Earth, and Humanity! Come on! I gotta tell you something!
You have to….I don’t want to insult you, it’s not my nature. I don’t like to be, G-d forbid, dirty, or to make you…or to insult you, but I have to tell you one thing!
You – a very nice human being – nice, charismatic, smart, you read books. Everything is… I give you all the credits!
But one thing you don’t get – there’s one thing you’re missing here! You coming to argue with me about Science. You claim that Science already proven the age of the world.
I say to you Science never proved anything! I’m doing it for 20 years – on a weekly basis. Science never proven! Do you think I’m gonna be such a fool, to stand in front of millions of viewers that will watch this debate, and I’m gonna say to you Science never proven anything for 20 years, and I’m gonna finish my career over this not-relevant issue, which is not even contradicting the Torah?
It would be a lot easier for me to come and tell you – you know what? You got it! The world is billions of years old! What does it have to do with God and the Torah that you and I have to keep the Sabbath?
Which is an Eternal Covenant, between us and Him, to make us Jewish, and to belong to His nation.
What does it have to do if the world is 5,000 years old or 5 billion years old? It’s not relevant to the issue?
The only reason I went with that is, because I know, I’m one million percent right! And you not right, because you miss a few points!
Now I ask you right now, and again, I’m not trying, chas veshalom, to insult you! It’s my last thing on my mind!
I asked you, if you know how the Scientists calculate the age of the world, and with all due respect to you – you didn’t even know!
You only say that you know about Carbon Dating! And you also did not know how Carbon Dating works!
You should have known that Carbon Dating it’s a proof, that the world is only, maximum, 25,000 years old!
If you did your homework, Carbon Dating only proved that – the maximum object that they found – based on that – that the world is maximum 25,000 years old!
So the last thing you want to bring into the debate is Carbon Dating! I was expecting you to tell me, extrapolation, Codes, all kinds of other things – which already goes into the billions.
You chose, out of the three methods, the worst one, that is very close to me! That’s not the issue….That’s the issue!
That’s the issue! You come, in the name of Science, and you give inaccurate Science!
I come in the name of Science! I told you I’m ill-qualified to be… to speculate on Scientific finding. I clarified that one at the beginning!
I agree! No, no, no, no! But there has to be a minimum amount of knowledge when you come to a debate!
I will not go to argue about Medicine, and about brains, with doctors that do brains, because, I know, I’m not in their level!
I’m not gonna argue about computers, cause I don’t know that much about computers! I will argue at what I know I am good!
You see, I won’t argue with you about clothing, because I know you’re a billion times better than me…How to design, and to come with ideas…and in business, and all this!
I know! It’s not my field! I don’t come to argue with you about what you are an expert in!
But you coming to argue with me, about what I’m an expert, world expert in – and you don’t even have the simple evidence to back one word of what you say! I’m telling you!
Absolutely not correct! You didn’t even know how the scientists calculate the age of the world, and you already claim that it’s been proven!
Rabbi! That’s not…It’s not been proven! It’s recorded! It’s not been proven! You are not accepting the finding…I wanna ask the audience? Is it fair if I ask him, to send me one email!
Absolutely! One email to prove to me that the scientists actually proved, not speculate! Speculation I can do and he can do! Prove! Prove! Prove means 2 + 2 it’s 4!
Proving means, if there’s a thousand people with headache, and each one of them took 2 Advil – 990 of them, their headache went away!
Oh! Now we’re talking! We see it helps! Without it, the headache stays by everyone! When you gave it to 1,000 people, 990 reported that they don’t have a headache!
Now you begin to talk about Objective Science! So we know that 99.9% of the people, Advil will cure their headache! Not cure – but will take away their headache! That’s called to prove!
You not giving me proofs! You giving me all kinds of names that Scientists throw…Rabbi! Rabbi…and it’s not a proof!
The simplest thing that you and I talked about, let’s say the existence of let’s say Dinosaurs for that….All scientists, collectively, they opened up museums, and putting it….but you do not accept there logic!
No! I say, Dinosaurs existed! Yeah! I know – but they do not say 3,000 years ago! You speculate that they existed millions of years ago, and I know for sure that they existed between….
How do you know? Because I’ll tell you how! Very simple! No, no! I tell you how I know! I tell you how I know!
I’m not a Scientist! Without the Torah I would not have a way to 99% of what I know today! Why?
All I have to do is to prove that the Torah could not be written by a human being – and the one that wrote the Torah is God!
From that moment on, I don’t even have to use my head! All I have to do is read what God says in his Torah, and I know it’s a fact!
Now if you, will come, and show me 1 or 2 mistakes in the Torah! Take as much time as you want, you point at one verse in the Torah, and you prove otherwise! You won the argument!
But I’m not qualified! No! Take your time! Take an expert! Take an expert, sit with him. Find me – do search on the internet!
Find me one mistake in the Torah! One mistake in the Mishnah! The timing of it! Find an expert! Pay someone a thousand dollars; he’ll do the research for you!
You have to understand one thing! Wait a second, but you are not accepting it Rabbi! Sure I am! Find me one mistake in the Torah; you and me will go to McDonalds on Yom Kippur!
Find me one mistake! What do you think – I wanna grind water? I am saying!
The fact the earth is more than 5,000, 6,000 years old – It’s not a fact! It is a fact! It’s more than that!
You’re saying that Science is not right! Leave it alone! It’s not relevant to Judaism! It’s really a false argument! Forget it! Ok! Whatever you wanna say its fine!
It’s not relevant to the Torah! Now, here is the point! The point, the conclusion…it is relevant….the conclusion that I’m making to you is, and we’ll finish with that…we have to finish with that!
But I wanna tell you, just one quick, one minute story, and we’ll finish with that! One teacher took his class to the Judean Desert!
And they did not drink for 3 days already, they got mixed, they don’t know, and they’re about to die! They’re already dehydrated!
So, they said, what are we gonna do! They found, in the night, they found a light somewhere, they went there, and they saw in the middle of nowhere, somebody lives there, a monk!
They knock on the door, he opened the door and they all went inside, and they said, we’re dying, we’re fainting please – 3 days we did not drink! Help us!
He said, oh, it happens all the time! I have a game, it’s called Russian roulette. It’s Persian Roulette, not Russian roulette!
Here is a hundred glasses of water, as you can see, ready for people like you that make mistake – it’s common.
In one of them there is a very serious poison, that as soon as you drink it, you die immediately! But the other 99 are clean.
But at the same time, I want you to know, that if you’re only 3 days lost, I know already, nobody dies before 4 days without water.
You can make it! I’ll tell you how to make it. You have to walk another 15 hours, and you make it to a shore, with plenty of water, no risks, nothing.
You suffer, you have a headache – but you can make it to the shore. I’m gonna give you the map and show you how to go, your life will get saved!
Do you wanna take the risk, and pick up a glass of water right now and drink – you may die- you may drink and everything will be fine.
Or you wanna suffer another 10-15 hours and make it to a safe place. What would you answer as one of the students?
Would you drink the water, or you rather suffer 10 more years and live for sure! Remember – you are 18 years old, you don’t wanna die young. You don’t wanna take a risk now drinking. Ok.
I asked this question many times in my career, and so far, besides one fool, everyone told me, that they will go to a shore. Better to suffer 10 -15 more hours, than to take a risk and die right away.
Now, I wanna finish by telling you this. Why did I tell you this story? What do you think? I’m in the mood to tell stories?
This story has a trap, and I just put a trap and you fell into it….and this is what I’m going to show to you – how you fell into it, because you, after all, have very good common sense.
Because you answer the right answer! No clever person would drink from that water! Now I wanna say to you something!
You and I, have to agree at least on one thing, and I’m sure you will! On this part, I’m sure you will!
You have doubts that the Torah is Divine – fine! You have doubts of the Oral Torah – fine! You have doubts about the age of the world, fine! It’s all of that no problem!
One thing you have to agree with me, that there is at least, 1 percent chance – from 100 percent – that the Torah it is from G-d. You say yourself, I don’t know, maybe it is, maybe it it’s not.
Prove to me! … I’m not sure! … Prove otherwise! …. I don’t know! Maybe you’re right! You say, it cannot be proven, fine!
But you have to agree that there’s at least one percent chance that the Torah is Divine!
Based on that formula, if the Torah has one percent chance to be Divine according to your opinion.
According to me, I know 100 percent – It’s Divine! But according to you and many other skeptics, they have to agree, that to give 1 percent, for the doubt!
You cannot swear on your life, hold a Sefer Torah and swear on your children life that the Torah is for sure not from God!
They’re not gonna take that risk! Maybe it is! There is a chance! Based on that little chance in your mind right now, and I’m sure you have that chance,
You owe it to yourself, after 50 or 60 years of your life, that you live against the law of the instruction, to go full force , to not to leave the room, to sit with a world expert,
and to come to me back with proofs that the Torah is not Divine! As long as you did not do it, you must keep all the laws of the Torah, for the 1 percent chance, that God did command you to do it!
Why? Because if that 1 percent will turn into truth, you are destroyed for eternity, and I don’t even want to talk about the suffering that you subject to, if you continue to live your lifestyle!
And for that 1 percent chance that I’m right, you must sit as a clever human being, and don’t leave the room! Not care about business, and movies, and vacation, and Gondi, and none of the things!
You only have to sit and say, I must prove 100 percent that the book is not from God! Once I do it, I can go back to drive on Shabbat, to smoke, to eat pork, whatever you wanna do!
But as long as you have that 1 percent chance, you cannot take the risk! Nobody! For water… to die, a person wants …Big deal! He died! How many years we live here? I’m talking Eternity!
The 1 percent chance there are poison in the water – you did not drink! For 1 percent chance! Big Deal! So you cut your life by 50 years!
You live 20, instead of 70 -80! Whatever! Here we talking about Eternity! There’s verses in the Torah! You keep my Mitzvot I will reward you and your children for Eternity!
It’s verse in the Torah! Eternity means forever! You go against me, I will cut your soul out of the Next World, and you lose everything!
Do you want to take that risk?
Rabbi, you and I are going to have to sit many, many times….I agree! None of us… None of us are gonna….
Yevarechecha Hashem Veyishmarecha! Yaer Ado-nai Panav Elecha – Veychunneka! Yisa Ado-nai Panav Elecha! Vayasem Lecha Shalom! AMEN!!!!
Vechen Le’emor! Thank you very much! We’ll see you again Be’ezrat Hashem!