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The Debate – העימות

Download the PDF version of the debate.
English Version – Click Here

לקריאת העימות בין הרב מזרחי לכומר הנוצרי הקש כאן

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3 Responses to “The Debate – העימות”

  1. rhecht says:

    This video starts acting funny after the first couple of minutes. Also, with the download, can the WMV video be made available to download? The FLV video isn’t as good quality. Thanks!

  2. FALOMAR says:


    1-This is what Jeshua said about John the Baptist:

    Book of Luke 7:13-14
    13 because all the prophets and the law prophesied up to John.
    14 and if you want to receive it, he is THAT ELIAH who had to come.

    BUT ..Take a look what John the Baptist said about himself:

    Book of John 1:19-22

    19 When the Jews sent to him priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, “Who are you? 20 he confessed, and did not deny, but confessed: I am not Christ.
    21 And they asked him: what since? Are you ELIAH? He said: I AM NOT
    . ……..

    Then…if John was right, then Jeshua was wrong or a Lier…if Jeshua was
    right, then John was the Re-encarnation of Eliah, something the the
    Christian people reject because they don’t believe in re-encarnation….

    2-Christians claim that Jeshua was G-d….but take a look at the following verses:

    Book of Mathew 24:35-37 (N V.I) …. But as for the day and the hour,
    nobody knows, not even the angels either in the sky, or the SON, but
    only the FATHER

    ….. …..
    Isn’t supposed that Jeshua (if he was G-d
    as Christians claim) should have to know when would be the day and the
    hour of his return (as Christians claim about his second coming), if he
    was G-d ? After all, Doesn’t G-d knows all the things …..?????

    That was a verse from the (N.I.V.) New International Version…..if you
    take a look at other versions like Kim James Version, Reina Valera in
    Spanish and others (they omit the word: “the Son”…MANIPULATED

    3- This is another good one:

    Book of Mark 10 18. Jeshua said to them: ” Why do you call me good? Nobody is good but only God…..

    This time Jeshua himself told the folks he wasn’t G-d…so then….so
    then…Why Christians claim that Jeshua was G-d ?…TOO
    CONTRADICTORY….Isn’t it?.

  3. FALOMAR says:

    Take a look these contradictory words of the so called “Apostle Paul” or “Saint Paul”:

    Romans 4:15

    15 because the law brings about WRATH; for where there is no law there is no transgression.

    Then compare now to what our beloved book of Tehilim tell us:

    Tehilim 19:7-8

    7 The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul;The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple;8 The statutes of the Lord are right, REJOICING the heart;The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes;
    htening the eyes;

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